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MLB demos interactive game experience using iBeacon

The MLB is testing a new bit of tech that could make bringing your phone to the game as important as remembering your tickets. 

Actually, with this updated version of MLB’s At Bat app, your phone will be your ticket. And thanks to Apple’s new iBeacon system, that’s not its only feature. (Image: MLB via Mashable)

You might have missed the iBeacon news in the slew of reporting on Apple’s redesigned iOS 7. As a refresher, it’s a system that uses cheap, low-powered transmitters – or beacons – to communicate with nearby phones. (Video: Apple)

It’s essentially Apple’s answer to Near Field Communication, which you’ve likely seen used in payment apps like Google Wallet. The MLB saw immediate use for the location-based tech inside its ballparks.

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 So the league placed beacons around the New York Mets’ Citi Field and had users give the early version a test-run. (Video: CNET)

 The app sends out bluetooth signals to find your location. When you pass a landmark, like the Met’s apple statute, for example, it sends you information on that spot. (Images: Wikimedia Commons)

 The app not only stores your ticket, but it also helps you find your seats. Or as CNET's Bridget Carey discovered –

(Image: MLB via Mashable)

“My ticket was just scanned, and oh, I just got a pop up for two dollars off a hotdog.”

The list of potential uses for Apple’s iBeacons is long, but the MLB has reportedly been thinking about in-park tech for a while now. It’s tried using NFC and QR codes unsuccessfully. An MLB developer tells Mashable –

“...GPS is notorious for not working indoors, especially when you are in a building made of steel.”

So Apple’s tech seems like the answer. Of course, the league still has a few things to work out before it hopes to launch the system in 2014. Mainly, the bluetooth beacons aren’t one-size-fits-all.

Outfitting an older park, like Fenway, with bluetooth transmitters is likely going to be a much different process than adding beacons into Minneapolis’ Target Field, which opened just a few years ago. (Images: Wikimedia Commons)

Sounds time-consuming, but the MLB’s SVP of Mobile Product Development tells TechCrunch taking the time to do it right is key.

“We’re baseball, we’re not a small startup. We want to be nimble and quick and take new opportunities, but we also don’t want to roll something out that’s going to confuse fans.”

For now, Bluetooth low energy technology will only work with iPhones 4S and above, but Android has promised to add LE to its upcoming 4.3 software update.

- See more at newsy.com.  


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The Latest News Headlines

  • An Ohio child called 911 after her babysitter and the sitter’s girlfriend overdosed on drugs Sunday afternoon, according to a Dayton Police incident report. The 9-year-old girl reported she was in an apartment with her two younger siblings, and  her mother was on her way home, but it would take about an hour for her to reach them.  >> Read more trending news  Officers and emergency crews were dispatched to the scene. “We were greeted at the door by two small children with tears running down their faces,” wrote the reporting police officer in the incident report.  Police and medics located two unresponsive women when they arrived. One was halfway in the living room near the children. The other was in an area near the kitchen and bathroom.  The women were identified as Leslie Harbarger, 45, and Angela Benda, 47. Both overdose victims were revived with Narcan. Benda and Harbarger were transported to Miami Valley Hospital for treatment.  “It should be noted that fire crews used every dose of Narcan they were carrying and I had to give two doses of my issued Narcan,” the reporting officer wrote.  >> Got a question about the news? See our explainers here According to police, Benda reported she ingested one heroin cap. Harbarger denied taking heroin, but said was known to abuse her prescription medication.  Montgomery County Children Services was notified about the incident.  A summons was issued for the two women in lieu of an arrest.
  • GameStop, a video game and consumer electronics retailer, will close at least 150 stores after reporting another year of declined sales. >> Read more trending news The Texas-based company released its report of sales and earnings for 2017 last week, and projected a grim 2017 for some stores. In the fourth quarter of last year, total global sales decreased nearly 14 percent, and new hardware sales declined 29 percent. » STORE CLOSURES: 9 retailers closing stores nationwide this year A spokesperson told Fortune that non-productive stores would close sometime in 2017. However ,specific locations were not announced. About 2 to 3 percent of the retailer’s total amount of stores will close. USA Today reported that Game Stop plans to open 65 Technology Brands stores, which include cellphone retailers. It also plans to open 35 Collectibles stores, which sell apparel. GameStop operates 7,500 stores across 14 countries.
  • An 11-year-old Massachusetts girl suffered second- and third-degree burns this month after being exposed to an ingredient in a popular do-it-yourself science project for children. Siobhan Quinn, of Rockland, is speaking out about the danger after her daughter, Kathleen, was burned making homemade slime, or “gak,” that is popular with science-minded children, WCVB in Boston reported. Quinn said she was happy when her daughter decided to do something educational. “I thought it was great,” Quinn told the news station. “I encouraged it, bought all the stuff. And when they were gone, I bought more. She was being a little scientist.” Kathleen’s foray into science came with a painful price. The girl was at a sleepover the weekend of March 18 when she woke up in agonizing pain.  “It felt, like, really hot and tingly,” Kathleen told WCVB.  The next day, a weeping Kathleen had ugly and painful blisters all over her fingers. Quinn took her to Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston, where she was diagnosed with the burns.  Doctors told Quinn the burns were the result of prolonged exposure to Borax.  >> Read more trending stories Borax, a detergent and household cleaner, consists of sodium tetraborate, a mineral used in a number of household products. With a low toxicity, Borax is considered relatively safe and is used in recipes for natural cleaners.  It is also one of the main ingredients in multiple recipes for homemade slime or “gak” found online.  Quinn said other mothers have told her that their children have used Borax to make slime “a million times” with no ill effects.  “We made it a million times, too, and nothing happened,” Quinn told WCVB.  The concerned mother is not the first to speak out about the dangers of making homemade slime. Rebekha D’Stephano of Manchester, England, told the Manchester Evening News earlier this month that her 10-year-old daughter, Deejay Jemmett, suffered chemical burns to her hands after making “unicorn slime.”  Though the recipe Deejay found online called for Borax, it is not easy to find in the United Kingdom because it can cause eye irritation or damage a person’s fertility, the Evening News reported. Deejay used a laundry detergent instead. “Within 48 hours, her skin had started to peel off,” D’Stephano told the newspaper. “From there it got worse.” Deejay’s chemical burns got her a referral to a plastic surgeon, her mother said.  Both mothers have shared their stories in the hopes of making parents more aware of what can happen when making the concoction. D’Stephano said that the videos her daughter found on YouTube showing how to make slime bore no safety warnings. Quinn said she feels ‘terrible” after watching Kathleen suffer through the burns, which caused her to miss a week of school.   “I feel like the worst mother,” she said.  YouTube also has multiple videos on making slime without the use of Borax. 
  • Two Miami police officers are recovering after they were injured in an ambush-style attack during a gang sweep Monday night. >> Read more trending stories The officers were conducting surveillance around 10 p.m. outside the Annie Coleman apartment complex near NW 60th Street and 20th Avenue when they were ambushed by two people and shot, Miami-Dade police director Juan Perez said. John Rivera, president of the Miami-Dade police union, told the Miami Herald that the officers were in an unmarked car when the attack took place. Rivera said six people were involved in the attack. “They were outnumbered and outgunned,” he told the Herald. “God was watching over them tonight.” One of the officers was shot in the leg, the other in the arm, the Herald reported. Maj. Hector Llevat said one of the officers returned fire, but it was not immediately clear whether he hit his assailants. The gunmen were able to elude police and remained at large Tuesday morning. The officers were not identified, however police told WFOR that they have been with the department for 26 and 11 years, respectively. They were taken from the scene of the shooting by fellow officers, who pulled them from the “hot zone” into a pickup truck and took them to Miami’s Jackson Ryder Trauma Center. “They are lucky to be alive,” Perez told WFOR. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen a car hit by so many rounds. A high-powered weapon struck that vehicle and the officers should be counting their blessings today. We certainly are counting our blessings.” Both officers were listed in stable condition Tuesday morning. Police continued to search for the gunmen responsible for the attack, who are considered armed and dangerous.
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden said he regrets not running for president in 2016 and he thinks he could have won the election if he had followed through with his plan to run. >> Read more trending news “I had planned on running for president, and although it would have been a very difficult primary, I think I could have won,” Biden said during a speech Friday at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. “I don’t know, maybe not. But I thought I could have won. […] I had a lot of data, and I was fairly confident that if I were the Democratic Party’s nominee, I had a better than even chance of being president ... Do I regret not being president? Yes.” Biden, 73, said he believes he was “the best qualified” for the position. But Biden said he doesn’t regret the time that he spent with his son, Beau Biden, who died of brain cancer in 2015. Being on the campaign trail would have taken away from that. In September 2016, Biden revealed that he had planned on running for president, but after his son was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, part of his “soul was gone.” “No man or woman should run unless they are capable of giving every ounce,” Biden said. “I wasn’t healthy enough to pour my whole heart and soul into the effort.”

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