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Four creative ways to get through Valentine’s Day alone

Valentine’s Day is enough to make some people say “boo.”

Jessica Biel’s character Kara calls it “The happiest holiday of all time,” in the film “Valentine’s Day,” but not everyone has a sweet tooth for V Day and the sappiness that comes along with it.

For some, the cheer, the flowers and even the chocolate candy are for chumps. They consider Cupid stupid or, at the very least, a bad aim.

Some are turned off by the commercialism that infested the holiday.

Even some in relationships are repulsed by the Hallmark-fueled pink-and-red-colored holiday.

They are troubled by the canoodling couples and the 152 million cards Hallmark estimates are sent every year.

In some circles Valentine’s Day is called Singles Awareness Day (SAD). For those of you just trying to get through the day, here are some suggestions:


Gather all the single ladies

Just because you don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Make reservations with a group of friends or throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day bash complete with black balloons, beheaded Cupid cutouts, etc. Rent horror movies — This might be the perfect opportunity to revisit “Carrie” or finally watch “Jennifer’s Body” — or have a bad boyfriend name-burning party in front of the fireplace as you eat s’mores.


Bring food

Chances are some folks at your office could use a chuckle. Bring in Sour Patch Kids or broken heart-shaped cookies to counteract the bowls of heart-shaped lollipops and conversation candy.


Pin a furry friend

Push pins + teddy bear holding a heart = the perfect way to say “I don’t love you.” Put your teddy bear next to your desktop or on your coffee table as a reminder that it is OK that you are not in love.


Hand out note cards

Valentine’s Day fans aren’t the only ones who can pass out cards. Yours don’t have to cost a fortune. All you need is a black sharpy, index cards and a bit of a twisted imagination. Write messages like “Cupid shot me with an arrow and I cut off his wings” and “Happy Monday.” Give them to friends — or whomever.

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  • On the first day of early voting both the Duval Democratic Party and the Republican Party held rallies today to increase awareness and voter turnout heading into March 22.Today's message from both parties to residents in Jacksonville, go out and vote.  Most of the candidates and party leaders say it's not about who you vote for, what's important is that you make your voice heard.The most contested race in this year's local elections is the mayor's race with six candidates running for the seat.  There are three candidates coming from the Republican Party, Mike Hogan, Audrey Moran, and Rick Mullaney.  They gathered outside of the Supervisor of Elections office downtown on Monroe Street.Audrey Moran says she hasn't gotten much sleep and probably won't until March 23.  The message today from her though isn't about voting for her but, 'Get out and vote, everyone has a voice, everyone has an opportunity to shape Jacksonville's future and voting is how you make a difference.'Rick Mullaney stood opposite Moran at the podium but he echoed her sentiments.  He says we all have to get out and vote.  He says so far it's been disappointing for him going door-to-door.  'I've knocked on some people's doors and they tell me they haven't thought about who they're going to vote for,' says Mullaney.  'Some of it is timing, people just came off of a big election in November, and some of it is the fact that these elections are off cycle.  I just hope as the elections draws near people get more interested.' Mike Hogan wasn't there.From the Democratic Party we heard from Alvin Brown.  He told us there's no excuse for people not going out to vote, 'Now we have more options, we don't have to just wait until Election Day.  We have a chance to vote any day from now until March 20.'Warren Lee also spoke with us.  He says, 'We need all the votes we can get . . . early vote on a high level and make a dent in this thing.'  Lee says, 'It’s been very discouraging that more people didn't register for this year’s election, we have a chance to shape history.'Voter turnout is expected to be above 40 percent.
  • A suspect was killed during a shooting with a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer on the northside early Wednesday.  The officer was not injured.  According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the shooting happened on E. 19th Street near MLK Parkway on the northside.  A woman who claims to be the wife of the dead man tells our partner Action News Jax that police were initially called to the home for a domestic dispute.   We expect to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the shooting throughout the morning.  
  • A Florida man is accused of throwing a fire extinguisher at a disabled veteran. James M. Hagen, of Gainesville, reportedly got into an argument with his neighbor, a disabled veteran in a wheelchair, on Monday. The argument allegedly stemmed from Hagan’s belongings blocking his neighbor’s access to a fire extinguisher, according to the Gainesville Sun. >> Read more Floridoh! stories Hagen allegedly threw the extinguisher at his neighbor – striking him in the abdomen and thighs – and allegedly threatened to “dump” him from his wheelchair, according to the Gainesville Sun.  >> Read more trending news Hagen, 58, was arrested and charged with aggravated abuse on a disabled adult. He was taken to the Alachua County Jail. Read more at the Gainesville Sun.
  • The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office is looking for two men who tried to lure children to their car with candy.The men were spotted outside an apartment on Whispering Woods Lane in St. Augustine on Saturday.'I was very scared,' victim Bella Palmer said.Bella described to Action News Jax's Danielle Avitable how she felt when two men pulled up next to her in a dark blue SUV while she was playing outside. Brawl at Orange Park Mall involved up to 60 people, Clay County Sheriff's Office says 'He said, 'Do you want a piece of candy?' I said 'No,'' Bella said.And when she refused the candy from them, the 7-year-old said one of them got mad.'I don't take pieces of candy from no one,' Bella said.That’s when Bella said she ran as fast as she could.'When he was about to get out of the car, I was already running up the stairs. Then he was coming, so I locked the door,' Bella said.One of the men chased after her and said, “I’m going to get you.”'Then I went in the house and locked the door,' Bella said.Bella's mother, Ashley Palmer, said she called for help. Third Hernandez suicide note addressed to inmate, lawyer says 'Obviously, we have a predator trying to kidnap our kids,' Palmer said.When officers were at the apartment complex, two other children, ages 8 and 9, said the same men offered them candy.'Our kids aren't as safe anymore. We have all these people after our kids. What are we supposed to do?' Palmer said.Right now, police only have a vague description of the men.They said they are about 6 feet tall and around 240 pounds with buzzed haircuts.The Sheriff’s Office said it will ramp up patrols in the complex until the men are caught. 
  • Why did a Texas teacher accused of having an improper relationship with a student smile in her mugshot? Her lawyer has offered an explanation. According to Dallas-Fort Worth's KXAS, Jason Nassour, attorney for Lockhart High School anatomy teacher Sarah Fowlkes, said she was grinning because she's innocent. >> On Statesman.com: Lockhart High teacher accused of improper relationship with student 'This isn't a guilty person sitting there like they just got caught,' Nassour told KXAS. 'When everything's fleshed out, it won't be as it appears.' Lockhart police began investigating the incident March 10 after a school administrator reported that 'an educator at the school may be having an inappropriate relationship with a currently enrolled student,' according to the arrest affidavit. A 17-year-old student claimed that Fowlkes, 27, touched his genitals and that he 'made contact with the defendant's breasts,' the affidavit said. >> See the affidavit here Fowlkes was arrested on a charge of 'improper relationship between educator and student,' police said. The school district also suspended Fowlkes, The Austin American-Statesman reported. 'Lockhart parents entrust their children to us every day, and it is something we do not take lightly,' Lockhart Superintendent Susan Bohn said in a statement, the American-Statesman reported. 'The district does not and will not tolerate any improper communication or contact between a teacher and child.' Bohn also alerted parents about the arrest and suspension in an email, the American-Statesman reported. >> PREVIOUS STORY: Teacher accused of improper relationship with student smiles in mugshot  Nassour told KXAS that Fowlkes 'was arrested on the statement of a 17-year-old kid with no corroborating evidence.' >> Read more trending news According to the American-Statesman, Fowlkes, who taught anatomy and physiology and environmental systems at Lockhart High, previously taught science and social studies at Plum Creek Elementary School. The Houston Chronicle, citing Fowlkes' social media accounts, reported that she has been married since 2013. Watch next: Parent upset with kindergarten teacher who used Ouija board in class

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