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Gift Ideas for Mom

Moms. They’re the best, right? After all, we wouldn’t be here without them. Literally... With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, a lot of us are scrambling for what to get mom to make her feel extra special.

Now of course some of these are the more common, tried and true gifts. But they’re a standard for a reason, and as long as you put effort into it, mom will love it! She still loves you after those crazy teenage years right??

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Birthstone jewelry – And by birthstone, I mean the kids’ birthstones. This doesn’t have to be expensive either. It could be a bracelet or necklace with colored pearls instead of gemstones. Mix it up!

Comfortable, luxurious pajamas – On the rare occasion mom gets a day to lounge, let her do it in style!

Framed family photo(s) – Make sure mom is in the shots and looks good of course. You don’t have to stick with the posed family portraits either, go for the candid shots so she can remember that fun vacation or impromptu family dinner.

Spa day! – Massage, facial, mani/pedi… doesn’t matter, let mom be pampered! Don’t just buy her the lotions and bath gels (although you can do that also), give her a chance to get out of the house and be fawned over!

Monthly gifts – flower of the month, coffee of the month... Mom can be spoiled all year!

Flowers! Big, beautiful, and in a vase. If you’re having them sent, send them to work so she can enjoy them more and (show them off!).

Accessories – any kind of jewelry, jewelry box, purse, wallet, scarf.

Perfume – Sometimes mom wants to smell like something other than baby powder or fresh laundry… :)

Gardening tools and maybe an assortment of bulbs for planting.

Tickets to a concert or the movies.

Home décor items – artwork, vases, clocks... you know, cutesy stuff she might not normally buy for herself.

A book by her favorite author and/or an eReader.

Personalized stationary – maybe she’ll even write you!

And if you’re feeling creative… Make a helpful coupon book that she can redeem all year long. Coupons could vary from a day of housecleaning, a car wash, personal assistant for the day, to breakfast in bed, home cooked dinner… you name it!

There are so many more options, but whatever you decide, let mom know you love her! And TELL HER that! And take her out to her favorite restaurant too; she shouldn’t have to cook on her special day!

- See more at: http://www.wmmo.com/weblogs/wmmo-blog/2014/may/07/mom-gift-ideas/#sthash.SOh6OQHl.dpuf

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