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Human foods that could be dangerous, if not deadly, to dogs

Those big eyes, the little whimpers, how can you not cave and give your pampered pooch a little taste?  But before you do, there are some human favorites that your doggie's system can't handle. 

Here are the top seven you need to avoid so you can avoid a trip to the vet. 

1.  Chocolate

According to DogShow.com, the chemical that gives chocolate that yummy taste can be deadly to dogs.  It is actually the most common cause of dog poisoning.  Signs of chocolate poisoning are as small as vomiting and diarrhea to respiratory failure or cardiac arrest. 

2. Grapes and raisins

The ASPCA says grape and raisins has been associated with dogs' kidney failure.  Doctors are not sure what exactly causes it, so the safest course of action is to not let your pets have grapes or raisins.  

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3. Onions and garlic

Onions may make you cry, but the ASPCA says there are compounds in anything in the onion family that can damage your dog's red blood cells.  Garlic is more dangerous than onions. 

4. Macadamia nuts

While healthy for humans, Macadamia nuts are dangerous, but usually not deadly for dogs.  They may become weak in the legs and have tremors for up to 48 hours after ingesting the nut, according to DogShow.com

5. Avocado

Avocado, according to the ASPCA , has the chemical called persin that can be toxic.  But it will usually be a minor upset stomach, but only if they eat a large amount of the flesh or peel of an avocado. 

6. Alcohol

Dogs are affected more by alcohol than people according to the ASPCA.  Usually, it will cause vomiting and disorientation.  But dogs, like humans, can have seizures, coma or die from too much alcohol.  If a dog can't stand up, the ASPCA says they should be watched closely by a vet until they fully recover. 

7. Bread dough

The yeast that makes the dough rise is dangerous for dogs in any amount.  Yeast will multiply in the stomach, expanding, causing pain or even destroy tissue according to DogShow.com

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  • A military plane went off a runway, slipped and flipped Friday during the Dayton Air Show in Ohio, according to witness reports and law enforcement officials. >> Read more trending news A tow truck was called to the scene just before 1 p.m. Rescue crews were also on-scene. Medics responding to the crash gave an occupant of the plane a “thumbs up,” but did not elaborate on the person’s condition. Ricardo von Puttkammer, a chief correspondent for Aviation Photojournal in New York City, told the Dayton Daily News that he saw a two-set Thunderbird land and taxi toward a staging area when a strong gust of wind apparently flipped the F-16 on its top. >> See the latest from the Dayton Daily News Another eye witness told WHIO that the Thunderbird slipped while coming down for landing. Law enforcement officials confirmed the plane was upside-down. Emergency dispatchers said it was in the grass. At the time of the crash there was heavy rain in the area. Rainfall rates in the vicinity exceeded two inches per hour, according to WHIO meteorologist Brett Collar.
  • The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office is wanting you to be on high alert the next time you’re at the Epic Theater in St. Augustine.  Detectives are currently investigating five smash and grabs burglaries in the parking lot of the movie theater Thursday night.  Women’s purses or wallets were reported stolen out of four of the cars. ID and credits cards along with sunglasses and loose change were reported stolen.  The Sheriff’s Office believes the burglaries occurred between 7:30-9:30 PM on Thursday.   If you have any information or if you have observed any suspicious activity in the Epic Theater parking lot, you are asked to call to Detective J. Kroul at the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office at 904.824.8304 or by email at jkroul@sjso.org.
  • We are getting a better idea how three teenagers were able to escape from the Jacksonville Youth Academy late Sunday night.  Three security guards at the facility, which is operated by G4S Youth Services, were overpowered by 15 year-old Justin Silva, 16-year-old Luther Davis, and 16-year-old Derek Browley. According to an incident report, Luther Davis asked if he could leave his room and use the restroom.  While he was in the restroom, Silva hailed a security guard to his bunk room.  As the guard opened the door, Browley punched the guard on the mouth.  Silva and Browley, who share a room, fled on food.  Three security guards attempted to detain the suspects but were unsuccessful.  Their portable radios fell on the ground during the incident. The teens threw the radios at the guards, striking one in the face.   The teens used the keys taken from one of the guards to open the east exit door.  They ran outside and climbed a high exterior fence to escape the facility.  Each of the three security guards sustained injuries during the escape. According to court records, Silva had previous charges including Grand Theft and non-law violation of probation.  Davis had previous charges of Burglary and Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle.  Browley had previous charges including Grand Theft of Motor Vehicle, Battery, and Robbery/Carjacking without a firearm or weapon.  The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice sent us this statement about the escape:  The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) takes incidents that occur at our programs very seriously to ensure the safety of both youth and staff. DJJ was notified by the contracted provider for Jacksonville Youth Academy of the escape of three youth and law enforcement was immediately notified. DJJ will continue to work with law enforcement as well as conducting our own investigation of this incident to confirm that all policies and procedures were followed by contracted staff. If a failure to follow those policies and procedures is identified, the contracted provider will be held fully accountable. 
  • Three teenagers are still on the run as of early this afternoon, following an escape at the Jacksonville Youth Academy on the northside Sunday night. Three security guards at the facility, which is operated by G4S Youth Services, were overpowered by 15 year-old Justin Silva, 16-year-old Luther Davis, and 16-year-old Derek Browley. The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice said Friday that it is conducting an escape review, which may include corrective actions.   And if a failure is identified on the part of staff or the contracted provider, DJJ says penalties could include termination and contract action against G4S Youth Services.  Here is a full statement from DJJ:  “As it relates to Jacksonville Youth Academy, DJJ is in the process of conducting an escape review and will determine what corrective actions may be necessary. A comprehensive investigation will also be conducted to determine whether all policies and procedures were followed. If a failure is identified on the part of staff or the contracted provider, they will be held fully accountable up to and including termination of staff and potential contract action against the contracted provider.”

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