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Jax speaks out on top priorities for the future

Jax speaks out on top priorities for the future

Jax speaks out on top priorities for the future
Photo Credit: Stephanie Brown
Jacksonville residents discuss changes they'd like to see in the future at the Prime Osborn Center on Saturday, January 19, 2013.

Jax speaks out on top priorities for the future

The people of Jacksonville are telling WOKV about the changes they believe will secure a better future for the city.

Hundreds gathered at the Prime Osborn Saturday to participate in the Jacksonville Community Council’s open forum on future ideas.  The discussion came as part of the Jax2025 effort, where the Council released the results of a city-wide survey of more than 14,000 people from each neighborhood.

And while sixty-seven percent say they’re satisfied with the quality of life her, many believe changes must still happen.

Shawn Lenoble, who lives at the beaches, says there are too many categories which need to be bettered for the community.

“And I think that the more involvement we have from our community, the better changes that it will be where we want it to be,” Lenoble says.

Arlington resident and school board member Cheryl Grimes tells WOKV the city’s priorities have “bubbled up to a few keys points.”

 “There are lots of people, obviously, who believe in a downtown – a vibrant downtown,” Grimes says.  “Certainly having a viable public transportation system - public schools are huge on the agenda.”

Her husband, Warren Grimes, says he’s “all about economic development.”

“The first thing is economic growth and opportunity for our citizens to have higher-paying jobs,” Warren says.

He says he likes where Duval schools are going with the new superintendent Dr. Nikolai Vitti.

“I think we’re poised well to have a better-prepared work force,” Warren says.

And a better work force, he says, will attract better businesses with higher paying jobs.

Avondale resident Maria Hane tells WOKV that she wants to see more public investment.  And in order for that to happen, she says one thing needs to change.

“This philosophy of no taxes,” Hane says.

To convince people more taxes are okay, Hane says they'd need to be told exactly what their dollars would be spent on.

“I think a clear definition of what the investment that they’re making is gonna be,” she says.

She named public education as one investment that can develop the city.

“It’s essential,” Hane says.  “It’s not gonna happen without it.”

Does she really want to pay more taxes to do it?

“I absolutely would be willing to see my tax bill rise,” she says.

WOKV wants to know what you think the city’s top priorities should be heading into the future.

CLICK HERE to leave your comment on our Facebook page where the discussion is happening.

Or you can Tweet at us.  Our Twitter handle is @WOKVNews.

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