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Posted: 2:47 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017

3 JSO detectives arrested for tampering with evidence, following police-involved shooting

JSO patrol car door logo
JSO patrol car door logo

By Sarah Thompson

Jacksonville, FL —

More than a week after a deadly-police involved shooting in Hogan's Creek, three detectives with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office have been arrested.

Sheriff Mike Williams made the announcement Thursday afternoon, saying the three detectives, who were working undercover posing as drug buyers, compromised the scene of the shooting.

Williams explains, "Our investigation has revealed immediately after the shooting, the three detectives removed alcoholic beverages from the car. So, let me be clear. That car is a crime scene. The alcoholic beverages are evidence and part of that crime scene and their removal is against the law."

The discovery was made by investigators who learned of a recording made by one of the detectives involved in the incident.

"That recording not only revealed the exchange during the shooting, but also contained conversation among the detectives about removing the alcohol from the vehicle," says Williams.

Williams described the beverages as 'multiple cans of beer,' only one of which was said to be open.

At this time, Williams says it's hard to know if the detectives had been drinking at the time of the shooting, but the investigation is ongoing.

All three detectives are now charged with tampering with evidence and conspiracy.

The three are identified as Kyle Kvies, 26, Lance Griffis, 33, and Brian Turner, 48. 

Kvies, Griffis, and Turner have been placed on administrative leave, pending dismissal.

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