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Posted: 3:08 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016

Congressman-elect Al Lawson lays out his agenda for our area

House Rep district winners
House Rep district winners

By Sarah Thompson

Jacksonville, FL —

He admits it's a pretty aggressive agenda.

WOKV spoke with Congressman-elect Al Lawson about his plans for our area, as he prepares to take over for Congresswoman Corrine Brown in January.

He tells us one of his big priorities will be looking into student loans.

"I want to make sure the federal government does not make a profit on the backs of students," Lawson says.

He adds, "It's done wrong in America, with student loans. The way that we allow people to re-finance their homes, but we don't allow them to re-finance student debt."

Lawson then talked about making sure Social Security is stable.

"Because people have paid into this plan on the front-end of their career, and then on the back-end, when they have given so much, that it's going to be there for them."

Lawson also says he plans to meet with Florida Governor Rick Scott within a week or so, as Scott is already working on the next state budget.

"I want to make sure Duval is in that budget, with the funding that it needs to continue to be competitive with the other states."

The Congressman-elect then ended on an optimistic note, saying, "I want people to always remember that this seat belong to them, it really does not belong to me or  any representative, we're just there by the taxpayer to be their voice up in Washington."

Lawson says he honored to have the opportunity to serve.

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