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Posted: 8:45 a.m. Monday, Dec. 19, 2016

Exciting WOKV programming changes in 2017

Brian Kilmeade starts at 9am January 9, 2017
Brian Kilmeade joins the 9am hour of WOKV weekdays beginning Monday, January 9, 2017. 

By Rich Jones

Jacksonville, Fl —

If the presidential campaign is a preview of what's to come in 2017, we're in for an exciting year of news.  

News 104.5 WOKV will be there for all the twists and turns, delivering local and national stories that have the greatest impact on your life.

Between the news updates you can expect to hear compelling analysis from our lineup of superstars.  That lineup is going to be changing a bit. 

Earlier this year Herman Cainannounced that he was ending his national syndication and would continue his show on WOKV and a few other stations nationally, through our parent company, Cox Media Group.

Herman's show will also be changing to 10am-Noon.  That leaves an opportunity for Brian Kilmeade to step in at 9am every weekday

Brian is one of WOKV's most popular hosts, and will continue to be heard weekdays 6-9pm.  


The lineup change doesn’t take effect until January 9th, but we wanted to share the change with you right away.  

The NEW programming lineup, effective Monday, January 9, 2017: 

5a-9a: Jacksonville’s Morning News with Rich Jones

9a-10a: Brian Kilmeade

10a-noon: Herman Cain

Noon: Jacksonville’s News at Noon

12:10p-3p: Rush Limbaugh

3p-6p: Sean Hannity

6p-6:10: Jacksonville’s Evening News

6:10p-9p: Brian Kilmeade

9p-11p:  Clark Howard

11p-1a:  Dana Loesch

1a-5a:  Coast to Coast with George Noory

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