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Updated: 4:21 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016 | Posted: 12:01 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016

Jacksonville attorney arrested for sexual contact with inmate

Anthony Blackburn
Anthony Blackburn


Jacksonville Pre-Trial Detention Facility photo
Stephanie Brown
Jacksonville Pre-Trial Detention Facility

By Stephanie Brown

Jacksonville, FL —

A Jacksonville attorney has been arrested for battery on a female inmate, who is his client.

The affidavit for arrest warrant obtained by WOKV claims 45-year-old Anthony Blackburn was alone with his client in an interview room at the Pre-Trial Detention facility with the lights off and door closed for 16 minutes. During that time, Blackburn allegedly showed his female client pornographic images while “he attempted to arouse himself”.

Blackburn is then accused of starting a sexual conversation with the inmate, grabbing her hand to put on his penis and placing his hand on her vagina, outside of their clothing. He stopped after seeing a Corrections Officer approach the room, according to the affidavit. The CO then opened the door and told Blackburn to turn on the lights.

The affidavit says the inmate did not want to allow Blackburn to touch her, but “felt obligated to do so because the defendant led her to believe he would help her get her jail sentence reduced”.

Blackburn is also accused in court records of giving the tablet with pornographic images to another female inmate he was representing. That inmate confirmed to investigators that she had had “inappropriate sexual conduct” with Blackburn while at the jail. Blackburn’s current arrest does not appear to deal with this complaint because he is facing one count of battery and the other inmate is listed as the victim.

Court records show Blackburn’s arraignment has been set for October 17th.

WOKV reached out to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for comment on the alleged activity within the Jail facility. A Spokesperson says they are not commenting on this investigation.

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