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Updated: 7:23 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016 | Posted: 6:52 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016

New distribution center could bring 1,200 jobs to Jacksonville

Three companies filed economic incentives deals totaling 1,374 jobs

Jacksonville City Hall
Stephanie Brown
Jacksonville City Hall

By Stephanie Brown

Jacksonville, FL —

They’re looking at bringing 1,200 jobs to Jacksonville in the next three years, in exchange for more than $8 million in incentives.

A new economic incentives package has been filed for “Project Velo”. State law allows companies negotiating business deals to remain anonymous, but Project Velo is described in the incentives documents as “one of the leaders in the product distribution marketplace”.

The incentives documents obtained by WOKV show Project Velo is considering setting up a new distribution center on an 86 acre parcel at Alliance Florida at Cecil Commerce Center. They anticipate making $115 million in capital investments, including equipment, furniture, and land and real estate improvements.

Project Velo says it would create 325 jobs with a $50,675 average wage and 875 other jobs, all by the end of 2019.

A total of $8,295,000 in state and local incentives are being requested in this deal. The brunt of that, $6,700,000, would come from a City Recaptured of Enhanced Value (REV) Grant, which is essentially reimbursing a portion of the property taxes paid out by the company. The REV grant, plus a Qualified Tax Industry Tax Refund and City Training Grant, make up the $7,095,000 City portion of the package. The State would kick in its share of the QTI money as well as a Florida Flex Training grant, to add up to $1,200,000.

This is not the only incentives package facing that will face the City Council in the coming weeks- two other, smaller deals have also been filed. WOKV is working through those documents and will update this story in to the evening.

“Project Rambler” is a deal with Campers Inn Holding Corporation and Campers Inn Management Company, Inc to set up their US corporate headquarters and training center. The company would relocate from New Hampshire, and is considering either Jacksonville or Charlotte, North Carolina.  22 headquarters staffers would move to an officer in Northwest Jacksonville by June 30, 2019 under the deal.

In return, CIHC is asking for a total QTI tax refund of $132,000, which is $26,400 from the City and $105,600 from the State.

Safariland Group, which currently employs 350 people in Jacksonville, is also looking at adding jobs to the local workforce. The third economic incentives package filed says the company is looking to close an existing facility in another state and moving the operations to Jacksonville or elsewhere. The jobs would focus on manufacturing apparel and equipment for law enforcement, military, and public safety personnel.

They’re looking to hire 52 jobs at an average wage of $44,065 and 100 jobs at $33,000 by the end of 2019. The company would also invest an estimated $2.5 million in manufacturing equipment, IT infrastructure and more at the proposed site in the JIA Community Redevelopment Area.

The incentives documents say Safariland is asking for a total of $876,400 in incentives. A City QTI match, local training grant, and Tax Increment District Infrastructure Development Grant would add up to $432,000. The State would kick in their portion of the QTI, a Florida Flex Training Grant, and a Veterans Florida Business training Grant for a total of $444,400.

All three proposals- totaling a potential 1,374 jobs for Jacksonville- have requested fast track approval and will face a vote in front of the City Council in the coming weeks.

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