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Posted: 3:57 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016

Two dozen arrested, more sought following Nassau drug bust

Operation All There
This graphic was constructed by the Nassau County Sheriff's Office to show the suspects arrested in "Operation All There"

By Stephanie Brown

A four month drug investigation has ended with 24 arrests in Nassau County.

“Operation All There” included numerous undercover drug buys through the area. We’re told there are outstanding warrants for six additional suspects as well.

In total 146 grams of cocaine, 133 grams of meth, 123 grams of marijuana, 102 pills, 18 acid sheets, and three grams of heroin were seized in this investigation, along with $8,168.54 and three cars- an Audi A6, Ford F-150, and Ford Mustang.

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper says these suspects are drug dealers and repeat offenders. He believes these arrests will make a big impact on crime in the County.

Those arrested on various drug charges were:

• Tayrell Emerson Jenkins, 35, of Fernandina Beach

• Veil Michael Spaulding, 41, of Yulee

• James Murle Terrell, 34, of Yulee

• Steven Wade Wells, 43, of Yulee

• Taryn Leane Culley, 28, of Yulee

• Michael Brandon Baker, 34, of Fernandina Beach

• Courtney Cecelia Walker, 25, of Yulee

• Sonny John Abercrombie, 40, of Fernandina Beach

• Rose Annette Carter, 61, of Fernandina Beach

• Sarah Amber Clements, 30, of Fernandina Beach

• Clifton James Bremer, 24, of Yulee

• James Ronald Herndon, 57 , of Fernandina Beach

• Paul Timothy Schaedel, 42, of Jacksonville

• Victor Daniel Rhodes Washington, 41, of Fernandina Beach

• Douglas Alan Sorrells, 32, of Jacksonville

• David Alan Dilallo, 35, of Fernandina Beach

• Stephen Malone, 67, of Fernandina Beach

• Brandi Noel Nelms, 30, of Fernandina Beach

• Erika Kenyatta Higdon, 37, of Yulee

• Emanuel Laquan Carr, 41, of Jacksonville

• Travis O’neal Stephens, 42, Yulee

• Kristin Angeli Colon, 30, of Fernandina Beach

• Javarius Bradford, 30, of Fernandina Beach

• Kisa Dawn Knowles, 30, of Yulee

Those wanted on outstanding arrest warrants are:

• Onquarius Dalon Swails, 27, of Yulee

• Kathy Lynne Hawkins, 50, of Yulee

• Deborah Elaine Geiger, 35, of Fernandina Beach

• Gabriel Abraham Dewayne Varner, 33, of Yulee

• Bobby Edgar Beaty Jr., 29, of Jacksonville

• Reginald Berrod Kimble, 44, of Yulee

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