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Updated: 11:35 a.m. Thursday, May 15, 2014 | Posted: 3:00 a.m. Thursday, May 15, 2014

We are now NEWS 1045, WOKV!

By Mike Dorwart, Program Director

Jacksonville, FL —

Thanks to your support, we are launching a bold expansion of our news content and we are reinforcing our commitment to news, by renaming ourselves as NEWS 104.5, WOKV! 

Here is what's new:

MORE news all day! Our team now has more than 50 news professionals dedicated to breaking news coverage and the top stories, so we're adding more stories to during "Jacksonville's Morning News with Rich Jones" from 5am to 9am and in every newscast all day long!    

NEW: weather and traffic every six minutes in the morning!  Will you need an umbrella today?  Will you get delayed on I-95 going to work?  You are now never more than six minutes away from Jacksonville's most accurate weather, the WOKV First Alert Forecast from Action News Chief Meteorologist Mike Buresh AND getting accurate travel times to help avoid delays for your drive to work from Julie Morgan and Jacksonville's only local traffic team!

NEW: a full 10 minutes of news at noon and 6pm!  As you get in the car to go to lunch or head home from work, we're expanding our news so that you can catch up on all the top stories, get the afternoon or evening forecast, and hear about the latest travel times to your favorite lunch spot! Ten minutes of news starts at 11:50am and 5:50pm!

NEW: the "3 Big Things You Need To Know" every fifteen minutes all day! If you are not familiar with the "3 Big Things" think of it this way:  We run into each other in the hallway at work, but we only have a moment to get caught up.  So in about thirty seconds, I need to tell you the three things that are most interesting today, or are the most important, or what I just saw online that everyone is talking (or Tweeting) about.  That's the "3 Big Things You Need to Know" and you're now hearing it every fifteen minutes all day!

And when we're not reporting the news, we're talking about the news!  Our listeners trust the news analysis and context provided by:  

Let's stay connected! In all the ways that you want to engage with us, we're on 104.5 FM (and yes, still on AM 690), on,   on WOKVNews on Facebook or WOKVNews on Twitter.  So more than ever before, we're Jacksonville's 24-hour news, weather and traffic!

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