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Updated: 7:23 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014 | Posted: 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014

6 men, 10 women seated for Michael Dunn trial

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Attorney Cory Strolla and Michael Dunn
Stephanie Brown
Attorney Cory Strolla and Michael Dunn

By Stephanie Brown

Jacksonville, FL —

A day long of deliberating yielded results.

State Attorney Angela Corey began questioning the 62 remaining in the jury pool late Tuesday. Only 61 showed up on Wednesday morning when she resumed through the lunch break short after noon. From there, defense Attorney Cory Strolla took over, carrying questioning through just before 4 PM.

Corey, Strolla and Judge Russell Healey then met in closed chambers to figure out that final 12 juror and 4 alternate panel.

Who the alternates are has not been made clear. The panel overall consists of 10 women and 6 men. We were not given many personal details on the jurors, which means we can’t confirm the age and race of each person. Visually, the pool reporter in the courtroom is reporting 10 white jurors, 3 black, 1 Asian, 1 Indian and 1 Hispanic.

Here is a breakdown of some of the basic information we have gathered through jury selection questioning, as submitted by the jurors:

J7: white female, lives on the Southside, single, young, works in retail
J10: black female, lives in Orange Park, single, nursing student
J12: white male, lives on the Westside, married, retired teacher and former Navy, 11 children and step children, one stepson has been arrested.
J18: white female, lives in Arlington, single, works in home healthcare, has a sister who was arrested on felony charges in Ohio
J23: white male, lives in Riverside, married, works as a Department of Defense consultant, two adult children, has a good friend who was arrested in Clay County, skeet shoots, has guns he inherited
J36: white female, lives on the Southside, married, works as an account manager, has served on a civil jury, has an adult son, owns a revolver
J46: Asian female, lives on the Southside, married, works in management, has personally experienced violent crime by working in a bank that was robbed, doesn’t like guns
J55: black female, lives in Riverside, single, works as an occupational therapist and caregiver, believes her parents have guns
J62: white male, lives in Arligton, married, works as a welder, has children ages 18, 22 and 24
J64: white male, lives on the Southside, married, works with software development, has family and friends who were victims of violent crime, has an uncle convicted of armed robbery in Tennessee
J67: Hispanic male, lives in Argyle, married, works in civil service relating to aircraft, has children ages 18, 22 and 28, has a son arrested on a misdemeanor
J70: white female, lives in Springfield, married, works in a bank, has daughters ages 10 and 16
J73: white female, lives on the Southside, divorced, works as a sales executive, has sons ages 15 and 18, inherited shotguns in her divorce but keeps them locked away and unused
J82: Indian female, lives in the Baymeadows area, married, works in family medicine with an affiliation to the Navy, has children ages 12, 13, and 19, was personally a victim of theft
J83: black female, lives in Arlington, single, works as a telecommunications specialist and is a student, her significant other’s cousin was murdered, a cousin and uncle of hers have been convicted of violent crimes, she trained with a gun during a prior job in security but hasn’t kept up with the training and does not currently use a gun
J87: white male, lives on the Westside, married, retired self-employed, has a 42-year-old son and 45-year-old daughter, has had a member of her family arrested.

As notable as information on those selected are details on who wasn’t selected.  WOKV has noted that nobody who identified as having or actively seeking a concealed weapons permit was put on this jury panel. Additionally, none of those who identified as having an issue with “loud music” were seated.

The jurors have been allowed to return to their homes for the evening, but must report to their undisclosed hotel by 8 AM. The hotel, any restaurants which will be visited, and anyone who visits the jurors during sequestration will all sign confidentiality agreements, according to the judge. There will be limited visitation allowed on Sunday. Healey is letting jurors decide if they want to hold the trial on Saturday- that decision is expected Thursday.

Opening statements for Dunn’s trial are now scheduled for noon Thursday. Judge Healey says there are other trial matters that will be handled ahead of time, but did not specifically reference what those will be. WOKV plans to continue providing coverage through this trial.

You can get instant information on Twitter by following @WOKVNews and @NewsAndNom.

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