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A more than year-long investigation by WOKV News has uncovered the city of Jacksonville owns $125 million in vacant real estate that could be put toward a better use, but the timeline for freeing up your tax dollars is still uncertain.


Vacant Buildings Tour

Stephanie Brown

Getting $125 million of your tax dollars out of vacant land still "a little while" away

The first step is done, but with the majority of the work on Jacksonville’s property rolls still to be completed, we’ve learned there’s no set timeline for change.


9th & Main

Stephanie Brown

Vacant Buildings Tour

As part of my investigation in to city owned vacant land and buildings, I took a tour inside two of the most highly valued properties in Downtown Jacksonville- the old County Courthouse and the Snyder Memorial Building.


City Hall

Stephanie Brown

Vacant buildings draining tax dollars, but bringing none in

They’re sitting empty or vacant, but you help foot the bill. So why does the city keep a hold of so much real estate in Jacksonville?


Old County Courthouse

Tens of millions of your tax dollars tied up in vacant buildings

“Vast portfolio.” That’s the phrase a number of city officials used to describe just how much land the City of Jacksonville owns, and how much of that is now vacant.

Vacant Buildings Tour

Minimal maintenance saves you money, but costs building soundness

With the City of Jacksonville’s large portfolio of vacant land and buildings, it can be difficult to maintain everything at a reasonable cost.

Vacant Buildings Tour

Time to sell?

One of the city’s main concerns about beginning to sell off the vacant land is getting the best value.

Vacant Buildings Tour

A home for flags left behind

When WOKV first investigated how your tax dollars are tied up in vacant city-owned buildings, we uncovered more than 30 flags had been left behind in the old county courthouse.

Vacant Buildings Tour

The stalled solution to Jacksonville's property inventory

It’s a complicated process, so the city is not phased by the fact that the Request for Proposal looking for a company to take an inventory of city-owned land and buildings has not yet hit the street.


Vacant Buildings Tour

Questions remain, but timeline for change set

Six months ago I first asked just how much vacant land and property the City of Jacksonville owned, only to learn that’s an answer the city i...

9th & Main

Red tape ties up vacant building investors

It was red tape and ambiguity that moved one Springfield resident from potential investor to frustrated businessman. With some high value commercia...

Vacant Buildings Tour

Could your tax dollars fund a study of non-city real estate?

This week on WOKV, I’ve told you about the city’s proposal now moving through City Council on getting an accurate roll of city-owned real estate.

9th & Main

Getting a vacant property roll may not have to cost you

Does taking an inventory of Jacksonville’s land need to come with a price tag for you? One City Councilman is offering a plan...

Jacksonville City Council

$150,000. Too much or little for inventory solution?

They’re two opposing views that show the battle ahead despite a final vote next week.  It’s been a seven month journey since I first asked just how many of your tax dollars were tied in city-owned vacant land,

Jacksonville City Council

Thumbs up for private inventory

By a unanimous vote, Jacksonville’s City Council has approved a measure to find out how many of your tax dollars are tied in city-owned property.

Vacant Buildings Tour

Your tax dollars tied in city-owned vacant property at least through this year

After weeks of delays, the City of Jacksonville is finally ready to release its plan on inventorying and assessing all city-owned real estate.

Vacant Buildings Tour

Over budget means starting over

A year later, and little to show. We’ve learned the City of Jacksonville has rejected both bids that were submitted for a plan to inventory and assess all city owned real estate, which means the project guidelines have now been withdrawn and are being reworked

Vacant Buildings Tour

The big price tag you pay for Jacksonville-owned vacant land

More than one year since I first started asking the City of Jacksonville how much vacant land it owns, I’m finally getting answers.