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The Latest: Greece rescues 751 at sea in latest 24 hours

The Latest: Canada: Syria family didn't file refugee request

The latest Thursday on the European migrant crisis (all times GMT): ___ 2240 GMT Luxembourg's foreign minister has criticized the prime minister of Hungary for saying the migrant crisis in Europe was really "a German problem.

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Pondering campaign, Biden sticks close to Obama

Biden says he's not sure if he will seek presidency

Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday he was unsure if he will seek the Democratic presidential nomination, telling a Jewish audience that his decision will hinge on whether he and his family have the "emotional energy to run.

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Companies to stop 'revenge makeover' ads using ex-governor

Companies to stop 'revenge makeover' ads using ex-governor

Two online marketing companies that ceased publishing ads depicting former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer as an over-the-hill divorcee who needed a "revenge makeover" could still face legal action from her.