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The Hurricane Guide

The Hurricane Guide

Hurricane and tropical storm news and information you need to be prepared for severe weather in your area.

Hurricane Dean

Learn the basics of hurricanes

The ingredients for a hurricane include a pre-existing weather disturbance, warm tropical oceans, moisture, and relatively light winds aloft. If the right conditions persist long enough, they can combine to produce the violent winds, incredible waves, torrential rains, and floods we associate with this phenomenon.

National Hurricane Center Strike Map

National Hurricane Center Strike Map

When a major storm has been named, see the expected path and impact. [Click here to view]

Tropical Storm Andrea Damage

Abigail Barnard / Action News

Photos: Tropical Storm Andrea

Tropical Storm Andrea was born June 5, 2013 and began impacting NE Florida on June 6, 2013.

Storm Videos

Hurricanes and Severe Weather