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WOKV You Decide 2014

WOKV You Decide 2014

The latest local stories and results from the Florida Primary

PHOTO: Former senator charged with embezzelment

State senator resigns immediately

Quick Facts: Senator Rick Brinkley pleads guilty to federal charges Thursday morning agencies announced six charges against former senator Rick Brinkley All charges involve an embezzlement case against the senator He resigned effective immediately Thursday morning.

Military veteran inducted as Distinguished Member of Special Forces Regiment

A man who has served in three wars is receiving one of the highest military honors Thursday. The U.S.

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Fla. Gov. Rick Scott

Work is underway to help Jaxport compete on a global level

Tuesday marked the historic start of construction for the Mile Point Harbor Improvement Project. State and local leaders met at Helen Cooper Floyd Park with a Manson Construction crane in the background to announce the start of the project.

Police and Fire pension fund passes 4 to 1

Police and Fire Pension fund passes 4-1

The Jacksonville Police and Fire Pension Reform fund passed Friday. Jacksonville's Police and Fire Pension Board met and voted to pass the new deal 4-1.