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Posted: 11:28 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013

Your front row seat to the start of a surge 

By Stephanie Brown

Thousands of new Sailors, Marines and families will call Mayport home by the end of next year- and that surge in growth starts in December.

The first of three Amphibious Ready Group ships will be departing Norfolk, VA on December 4th and arriving at its new homeport, Naval Station Mayport, December 6th. WOKV has been given a front row seat to this historic change.

I will be traveling down with the ship, an amphibious transport dock, and its more than 300 crew, giving you full coverage of the impact of this move for the US Navy, Mayport, and the community at-large. 

By the time all three ships come to Mayport by the end of 2014, roughly 2,000 Sailors and Marines will have made the move as well- often with families.  The three ships will bring an estimated $75 million in maintenance and repair work annually, much of which is expected to be done locally.  Beyond the economic benefits, the strategic impact of having these resources disbursed between Norfolk and Mayport is significant.

While this is just an overview of the big impact, I’m digging in to the details with representatives from the Navy, Congress, business, city affairs and more to bring you the most in-depth look at what this means for the future of the Navy in Northeast Florida.  I will bring you updates all week from Norfolk and aboard the USS New York on-air at 104.5 FM and  You can also follow me on Twitter (@NewsAndNom), Instagram (@WOKVNews), or the hashtag #WOKVatSea, and of course get the latest insight- including what doesn’t make it to air- right here on my blog!

For now, I will be taking a day to enjoy Thanksgiving with family- but then I’m back to planning for this trip, which is logistically challenging to say the least. But that’s for another post!

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