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2019 NFL draft: What time, what channel, livestream and draft order

2019 NFL draft: What time, what channel, livestream and draft order

NFL Draft Fun Facts

2019 NFL draft: What time, what channel, livestream and draft order

The NFL draft begins Thursday night and continues through Saturday with seven rounds of picks taking place.

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This year, Super Bowl champions New England Patriots have 12 picks in the draft as do the New York Giants. The Seattle Seahawks, through trades prior to the draft, has four picks.

Here’s what you need to know about the 2019 draft, the draft lineup and how to watch the action.

When: The first round will be held Thursday, the second and third rounds on Friday and the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds on Saturday.

What time: On Thursday, the draft begins at 8 p.m. On Friday, it starts at 7 p.m. On Saturday, the action begins at noon. All times are Eastern.

What channel: For Round 1 on Thursday: ABC, ESPN, NFL Network and ESPN Deportes, NFL.com/Watch
For rounds 2-3 on Friday: ABC, ESPN/ESPN2, NFL Network and ESPN Deportes, NFL.com/Watch
For Rounds 4-7 on Saturday: ABC, ESPN, NFL Network and ESPN Deportes, NFL.com/Watch

Here is the draft order for rounds 1-7:
Round 1
1. Arizona Cardinals
2. San Francisco 49ers
3. New York Jets
4. Oakland Raiders
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
6. New York Giants
7. Jacksonville Jaguars
8. Detroit Lions
9. Buffalo Bills
10. Denver Broncos
11. Cincinnati Bengals
12. Green Bay Packers
13. Miami Dolphins
14. Atlanta Falcons
15. Washington Redskins
16. Carolina Panthers
17. New York Giants 
18. Minnesota Vikings
19. Tennessee Titans
20. Pittsburgh Steelers
21. Seattle Seahawks
22. Baltimore Ravens
23. Houston Texans
24. Oakland Raiders 
25. Philadelphia Eagles
26. Indianapolis Colts
27. Oakland Raiders 
28. Los Angeles Chargers
29. Kansas City Chiefs
30. Green Bay Packers 
31. Los Angeles Rams
32. New England Patriots
Round 2 
33. Arizona
34. Indianapolis
35. Oakland
36. San Francisco
37. N.Y. Giants
38. Jacksonville
39. Tampa Bay
40. Buffalo
41. Denver
42. Cincinnati
43. Detroit
44. Green Bay
45. Atlanta
46. Washington
47. Carolina
48. Miami
49. Cleveland
50. Minnesota
51. Tennessee
52. Pittsburgh
53. Philadelphia 
54. Houston 
55. Houston
56. New England 
57. Philadelphia
58. Dallas
59. Indianapolis
60. L.A. Chargers
61. Kansas City
62. New Orleans
63. Kansas City 
64. New England
Round 3 
65. Arizona
66. Pittsburgh 
67. San Francisco
68. N.Y. Jets
69. Jacksonville
70. Tampa Bay
71. Denver
72. Cincinnati
73. New England (from Detroit)
74. Buffalo
75. Green Bay
76. Washington
77. Carolina
78. Miami
79. Atlanta
80. Cleveland
81. Minnesota
82. Tennessee
83. Pittsburgh
84. Kansas City 
85. Baltimore
86. Houston
87. Chicago
88. Detroit 
89. Indianapolis
90. Dallas
91. L.A. Chargers
92. Seattle 
93. N.Y. Jets 
94. L.A. Rams
95. N.Y. Giants 
96. Washington
97. New England
98. Jacksonville 
99. L.A. Rams
100. Carolina
101. New England
102. Baltimore
Round 4
103. Arizona
104. San Francisco
105. N.Y. Jets
106. Oakland
107. Tampa Bay
108. N.Y. Giants
109. Jacksonville
110. Cincinnati
111. Detroit
112. Buffalo
113. Baltimore 
114. Green Bay
115. Carolina
116. Miami
117. Atlanta
118. Green Bay
119. Cleveland
120. Minnesota
121. Tennessee
122. Pittsburgh
123. Baltimore
124. Seattle
125. Denver 
126. Chicago
127. Philadelphia
128. Dallas
129. Indianapolis
130. L.A. Chargers
131. Buffalo 
132. N.Y. Giants 
133. L.A. Rams
134. New England
135. Indianapolis
136. Dallas
137. Atlanta
138. Philadelphia 
Round 5
139. Arizona
140. Oakland 
141. Pittsburgh 
142. N.Y. Giants 
143. N.Y. Giants
144. Cleveland 
145. Tampa Bay
146. Detroit
147. Buffalo
148. Denver
149. Cincinnati
150. Green Bay
151. Miami
152. Atlanta
153. Washington
154. Carolina
155. Cleveland
156. Denver
157. Tennessee
158. Buffalo
159. Seattle
160. Baltimore
161. Houston
162. Chicago
163. Philadelphia
164. Indianapolis
165. Dallas
166. L.A. Chargers
167. Kansas City
168. New Orleans
169. L.A. Rams
170. Cleveland
171. N.Y. Giants
172. Atlanta
173. Washington
Round 6
174. Arizona
175. Pittsburgh
176. San Francisco
177. New Orleans
178. Jacksonville
179. Arizona
180. N.Y. Giants
181. Buffalo
182. Denver
183. Cincinnati
184. Detroit
185. Green Bay
186. Atlanta
187. Carolina
188. Tennessee 
189. Cleveland
190. Minnesota
191. Baltimore
192. Pittsburgh
193. Baltimore
194. Green Bay
195. Houston
196. N.Y. Jets
197. Philadelphia
198. Cincinnati 
199. Indianapolis
200. L.A. Chargers
201. Kansas City
202. New Orleans
203. L.A. Rams
204. Detroit
205. New England
206. Washington
207. Pittsburgh
208. Tampa Bay
209. Minnesota
210. Cincinnati
211. Cincinnati
212. San Francisco
213. Cincinnati
214. Kansas City
Round 7
215. Tampa Bay
216. Kansas City
217. N.Y. Jets
218. Oakland
219. Pittsburgh
220. Houston
221. Cleveland
222. Chicago
223. Cincinnati
224. Detroit
225. Buffalo
226. Green Bay
227. Washington
228. Buffalo
229. Detroit
230. Atlanta
231. New Orleans
232. N.Y. Giants
233. Miami
234. Miami
235. Oakland
236. Jacksonville
237. Denver
238. Chicago
239. New England 
240. Indianapolis
241. Dallas
242. L.A. Chargers
243. New England
244. New Orleans
245. N.Y. Giants 
246. New England
247. Minnesota
248. Arizona
249. Arizona
250. Minnesota
251. L.A. Rams
252. New England
253. Washington
254. Arizona

(AP Photo/Vera Nieuwenhuis)
Crews set up stage for NFL Draft on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 in Nashville, Tenn.

2019 NFL Draft: Times, dates, what channel, livestream and draft order

Photo Credit: (AP Photo/Vera Nieuwenhuis)
Crews set up stage for NFL Draft on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 in Nashville, Tenn.

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