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Man with DUI history charged after running over 21-month-old son

Man with DUI history charged after running over 21-month-old son

Man With DUI History Charged After Running Over 21-Month-Old Son

Man with DUI history charged after running over 21-month-old son

An Arizona man who accidentally ran over his toddler son last week faces a charge of negligent homicide in the boy’s death, and prison records show that it isn’t the first time he’s been charged with killing or injuring someone in a drunken driving collision.

Richard Louis Hamilton, 49, of Phoenix, was moving his truck Thursday evening in the yard of his family’s home when he felt a bump under the tire, according to the Arizona Republic. He stopped the truck and discovered that he had struck his son, Samuel. 

Samuel was rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead a couple of hours later, the Republic reported

Hamilton was granted $50,000 bail on the felony charge at an initial court appearance on Friday, but is being held in the Maricopa County Jail on a probation violation. The violation stems from a conviction in a January 2007 hit-and-run crash in which a 5-year-old girl was seriously injured. 

He was released from prison in November 2013 after serving more than six years in that case, according to Arizona Department of Corrections records.

Hamilton’s wife, identified on a GoFundMe page set up for the family as Chelsea Hamilton, pleaded for his release Friday as he stood before a judge and appeared to weep. 

“I wish that he would be released so we could mourn the death of our son together,” Chelsea Hamilton said. “This was a total accident.”

The family’s fundraising page, which sought help with paying for Samuel’s funeral, described the toddler as a “beautiful, vibrant, happy” child. 

“In his short little life, he impacted the lives of all that knew him and loved him,” the page read

Richard Hamilton told officers who responded to the family’s home Thursday evening that he did not realize his son, who was playing in the yard before the accident, had gotten so close to the vehicle he was moving. 

A neighbor told police he had seen Hamilton and his son playing together in the yard before the collision. A probable cause statement obtained by KTVK in Phoenix stated that the neighbor also saw Hamilton behind the wheel of the truck when Samuel was struck.

Hamilton admitted to investigators that he had been driving the truck, but denied that he had been drinking prior to the incident. He claimed he had not had a drink since the night before, when he drank a half pint of vodka, the court document said.

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He refused both a field sobriety test and a blood test, but officers obtained his blood after securing a search warrant. 

“The defendant had bloodshot, watery eyes and a moderate odor of alcohol coming from him,” the probable cause statement said

Investigators also found a broken beer bottle a few feet away from the back of the truck, in the path that the truck would have taken when Hamilton moved it. 

“There was a liquid on the driver side rear tire that is believed to be some of the contents of the beer bottle,” the statement said. “Glass fragments from the beer bottle were located in the grass near the bottle, and there were also fragments located in a trash can approximately 30 feet from the area of the collision.

“It appeared someone tried to clean up the broken beer bottle fragments afterward.”

See Hamilton’s first court appearance below. 

Hamilton was processed for driving under the influence and booked into the Maricopa County Jail, where he remained Monday for the alleged probation violation in the 2006 case. 

According to a Republic story written at the time of his sentencing in the previous case, Hamilton’s 5-year-old victim was crossing a street with her mother and two siblings when Hamilton struck her with his minivan. He fled the scene, but turned himself in to police later that day. 

Hamilton also served a four-month prison sentence in 2001 following his first conviction for aggravated DUI, prison records show. Details of that incident were not immediately available. 

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The Latest News Headlines

  • Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan has withdrawn his bid to purchase Wembley Stadium in London.  In a statement sent to WOKV, Khan says the intent of his effort to buy the iconic venue was to bring people together and strengthen the sport and stadium. Instead, he says opinions split, and it became clear there was no strong support for the sale at this time. “Unfortunately, given where we are today, I’ve concluded that the outcome of a vote next week would be far from sufficient in expressing the broad support favored by the FA Chairman to sell Wembley Stadium. Until a time when it is evident there is an unmistakable directive from the FA to explore and close a sale, I am respectfully withdrawing my offer to purchase Wembley Stadium”, Khan says.  The FA Council was set to vote October 24th on Khan’s offer.  At the time of his offer in April, Khan said purchasing Wembley would deliver another very significant asset and local revenue source for the Jaguars.  He issued a separate statement specifically to Jacksonville about deciding to pull out of the sale, saying the deal would have had a “much-needed positive effect” on the Jags in Jacksonville and London. “Our commitment to London would have been amplified and strengthened with the certainty of officially making Wembley Stadium an annual host to Jaguars or other NFL games, and the local revenues we would have generated operating Wembley throughout the year would have been invested in our continued efforts toward building and maintaining a sustainable NFL franchise in Jacksonville,” Khan further says it would have helped the FA invest in their sport as well. “An agreement that would have served everyone exceptionally well, and brought everyone together for shared success, was the one and only goal,” he says. The FA says they respect Khan’s decision and commit to ensuring Wembley will “continue to thrive”, but acknowledge that things will have to evolve. “There has been much deliberation on both sides of this debate and it has undoubtedly raised awareness of the issue that community football facilities in England need significant investment,” says the statement from FA Chief Executive Martin Glenn. Khan tells Jacksonville he is disappointed by these developments, but will continue to emphasize London, and the role that has in ensuring the Jags have a stable, long-term future in Jacksonville. “London as the Jaguars’ home away from home remains a priority. Downtown Jacksonville with the Jaguars serving as a catalyst in its revitalization remains a priority. The relationship between London and the Jaguars is as important as ever and we will continue to develop it to the benefit of all,” he says. And Khan further says he is willing to revisit the purchase in the future, but only if there is unity in support of the deal. Khan has invested in projects at TIAA Bank Field since taking over ownership of the team, including chipping in to projects like upgrading the Club Level, installing new video boards and pools, and building the Daily’s Place amphitheater and flex field adjoining the stadium. He also continues to negotiate with the City’s Downtown Investment Authority over the redevelopment of the Shipyards and Met Park area. Additionally, he recently unveiled plans for a massive redevelopment of the Sports Complex overall, which he envisions starting with an overhaul of what is now Lot J, used for parking.
  • The Jacksonville Jaguars hope to be able to announce plans for redeveloping Lot J by the end of the year. The team’s leadership has been working with the City for months on the project, according to Jags owner Mark Lamping, but it is even more important now, as they pursue revenue streams to help secure the team’s long-term stability in the city.  WOKV first told you Wednesday that Jaguars owner Shad Khan withdrew his plan to buy London’s Wembley Stadium, because he didn’t see the widespread support he would want for that type of venture. Lamping says the specific purpose of that deal was to bring more local revenue to the Jags, similar to other projects they have taken on, including the annual London game, Daily’s Place, and more.  “All of those projects are designed to support the Jaguars to make sure that we’re a sustainable franchise here in Jacksonville. So, the fact that it’s [Wembley purchase] not going to happen, that puts pressure on us to find other ways to generate the revenue that would have come from there, and I’m confident that we’ll do that,” Lamping says.  GALLERY: Lot J and Sports Complex redevelopment One of those projects is Lot J, or the redevelopment of an existing parking lot at TIAA Bank Field in to a mixed-use entertainment district, which could also include residential, office, or hotel space. Lamping says the team would self-operate the entertainment district, and act as landlord for other components- all providing various revenue opportunities. The Jags announced their intention to seek the redevelopment months ago, and they have since been working with the City on the proposal. Lamping says Khan is ready with financial support, but it will take a partnership with the City, and he believes they have been moving in the right direction.  “We will certainly be disappointed with ourselves if we’re not making significant progress by the end of the year,” he says.  Another project that is undergoing negotiations is redevelopment of the Northbank Riverfront, including the Shipyards and Met Park. Khan was selected as the master developer for that site, but there was a lengthy extension approved for how long those negotiations could take. Lamping says one of their sticking points continues to be the removal of the elevated Hart Bridge lanes in Downtown, which is something the Jacksonville City Council recently approved $12.5 million for. The Florida Department of Transportation has also committed $12.5 million for the project, and the City has not yet heard whether they won a federal grant for the final third of the funding.  IN DEPTH: Proposal to take down the Hart Bridge ramps GALLERY: Shad Khan’s plan for the Shipyards Overall, the Jags estimate their proposed redevelopment in and around the Sports Complex to be worth some $2.5 billion.  Lamping says they are also looking at big events, like the recent “Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour” featuring Lynyrd Skynyrd, which took place at TIAA Bank Field on Labor Day weekend. They continue to program the Daily’s Place amphitheater with shows that bring in revenue for the team as well.  “There is no silver bullet. If there was one thing that we could do to solidify the Jaguars here in Jacksonville, we would do it, but it doesn’t exist,” Lamping says.  But he says the team will nonetheless continue to look for more revenue opportunities to achieve that stability.  “We think it’s our responsibility to solve it. It’s not the community’s responsibility, it’s not the fans’ responsibility, it’s our responsibility to do it. And, if we didn’t think we could do it, Shad [Khan] wouldn’t be spending the hundreds of millions of dollars that he’s prepared to continue to invest,” Lamping says.  There is a lot of development that has recently moved forward in that immediate area, including the proposed redevelopment of Berkman Plaza II in to a hotel, parking, and entertainment space. Khan has also put forward a plan to kickoff the Shipyards development with a new Convention Center, although the City’s Downtown Investment Authority Board has authorized negotiations on a different proposal, which would be on the old Courthouse/City Hall Annex site.  GALLERY: Convention Center proposed for the Jacksonville Shipyards “We are focused on doing everything that we need to do, to produce a sustainable, stable franchise here in Jacksonville,” Lamping says.  He believes that will have to mean new local revenue, because football revenue alone will not bring in enough. They have nonetheless pursued avenues within the football frame as well, including adding more premium seating in the stadium, and some that also involves fan attractions, like the pools.  While they’re disappointed the Wembley deal fell through- because it was not only an independent revenue stream, but could have helped secure the team’s continued annual presence on London- Lamping says the timing wasn’t right.  “We got drawn in to the middle of, really, an internal dispute amongst the Football Association. We knew that if this project was going to be successful, that it was going to be a long-term partnership with the FA. And if you’re ever getting in to a partnership that you know if going to take a lot of give-and-take, and is going to take long-term, you better make sure that you get off on a really strong foot. And it just seemed like the seller of the stadium didn’t have all their ducks in a row,” Lamping says.  He’s nonetheless confident about the partnerships the Jags have built in London and with the NFL in the UK, and he says they will do everything they can to maintain that annual game, as a key contributor in supporting Jacksonville operations.  And for those who continue to believe that the Jags are trying to move to London outright, Lamping says Khan continues to be frustrated by that talk, and asks fans to keep looking at their actions, not speculation.  “You don’t do the type of stuff that he’s [Khan’s] doing, you don’t invest the type of money that he’s investing, if you’re planning to leave,” Lamping says.  He says Khan is prepared to invest in the next opportunity that will continue to support the team in Jacksonville, and they will continue pursuing partnerships with the City and others to achieve what’s best for the community overall.
  • The Georgia State Patrol says a man is dead after he managed to fire a weapon that he had hidden behind his back while he was handcuffed during a traffic stop on Interstate 75 in Georgia. >> Read more trending news The shooting happened at exit 293 in Cartersville, near the exit ramp to Highway 411 in Bartow County. Officials say a trooper pulled a couple over around 5 a.m. Thursday and the trooper found contraband in the car. The female driver was taken into custody. Authorities said the male passenger originally gave a false name and, at some point, the first trooper called for backup. When a second trooper arrived, the officers determined the man was a wanted parole violator who had been on the run for months, officials said. The troopers searched the man’s car for weapons and handcuffed his hands behind his back, according to investigators. >> Man carrying replica machine gun fatally shot by police, cops say The man was able to grab a weapon hidden behind his back in his pants and fired at the troopers. One of the officers was struck in the stomach, but protected by a bullet-proof vest.  The troopers shot back at the suspect, authorities said. The man was taken to the hospital and later died, according to officials.  The trooper was treated at the hospital and released.  Authorities continue to investigate.
  • JEA is working to determine the cause of a hole that opened up in downtown Jacksonville. The utility says between investigating the cause and the complex work of repairing the hole, they will need to close both directions of W. 1st Street between Rudolph McKissick Sr. Blvd and Pearl, likely for the next five days.  A spokesperson says crews will first need to remove water from the hole to determine the cause, which includes setting up a de-watering system. A wastewater bypass system will also need to be set up while the hole is being repaired.  JEA says asphalt work is slated to begin Thursday night, with excavation slated for Friday.  We're told a detour will be in effect for the area in the meantime.

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