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What became of Charles Manson’s ‘family’? A look at the killers’ lives 48 years later

What became of Charles Manson’s ‘family’? A look at the killers’ lives 48 years later

Charles Manson Biography

What became of Charles Manson’s ‘family’? A look at the killers’ lives 48 years later

Charles Manson’s infamous “family” numbered around 100 people in 1969, when Manson orchestrated a series of murders in Los Angeles that, over two nights, left seven people dead. 

Nearly five decades later, the names of only a few family members are remembered, mostly due to the grisly nature of the crimes for which they were convicted. 

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Here’s where the most notorious Manson family members are now:

Charles Manson

Manson, 83, died Sunday night at a hospital in Bakersfield, California. He was taken there last week for treatment of an undisclosed illness from the California State Prison at Corcoran, where he was serving a life sentence.

Manson, along with several of his followers, was convicted of multiple counts of murder for the Aug. 9, 1969, killings of actress Sharon Tate, celebrity hairstylist Jay Sebring, coffee heiress Abigail Folger, her partner Wojciech Frykowski and Steven Parent, as well as the Aug. 10, 1969, murders of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. 

Manson was also convicted of the unrelated murders of music teacher Gary Hinman and stuntman Donald “Shorty” Shea. 

Though Manson was not present for the Tate-LaBianca homicides, he was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death. That sentence was commuted to life in prison in 1972, when the California Supreme Court ruled the death penalty was unconstitutional. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, Manson’s stay in prison was not a peaceful one. He racked up hundreds of infractions and over the years was denied parole 12 times. 

His next parole hearing was scheduled for 2027, the Times said. 

Susan Atkins

Susan Atkins, who was 21 at the time of the crimes, died of brain cancer at the Central California Women’s Facility at Chowchilla in September 2009, just a week shy of 40 years after her conviction. The longest-serving female inmate in California, she was denied compassionate release by the state parole board.

Described by a former prosecutor as the “scariest of the Manson girls,” Atkins played a large role in the murders, particularly that of Sharon Tate, who was nearly nine months pregnant when she was killed. The Times reported that Atkins confessed to stabbing Tate to death as the young actress pleaded for her life and that of her unborn son.

“Woman, I have no mercy for you,” Atkins testified she told Tate. 

Atkins also participated in the LaBianca murders the following night. 

The Manson family became suspects in the murders, in part, due to Atkins’ confession to cellmates while she was jailed on unrelated charges. 

Atkins, who embraced Christianity while incarcerated, married twice while behind bars, the Times said. Despite prison staff advocating for her release as far back as 2005, Atkins was denied parole 13 times before she died. 

Charles “Tex” Watson

Tex Watson, 71, is imprisoned at Mule Creek Prison, where he is an ordained minister, the Times reported. A model prisoner, he works as a janitor at the facility. 

Watson, who described his position in the family as Manson’s “right-hand man,” was the Manson-appointed leader at both the Tate and LaBianca murder scenes. According to testimony in the murder trial, Watson shot Parent, Sebring and Frykowski, who was also pistol-whipped. He also inflicted some of the stab wounds on the victims in the Tate murders.

Manson also put Watson in charge the next night at the LaBianca house, where he killed Leno LaBianca and participated in the slaying of Rosemary LaBianca.

Watson, who was married and divorced in prison, and fathered four children, has his own ministry, Abounding LoveHis website, run by an administrator outside of the prison, states that he “testifies that anyone can be forgiven and transformed by Christ, even a former member of the Manson family.”

Watson has been denied parole 17 times, most recently in October. 

Leslie Van Houten

Leslie Van Houten, 68, remains jailed at the California Institution for Women at Corona, where she has spent her entire sentence as a model prisoner, the Times said. She was convicted of murder and conspiracy in 1978, following her third trial on the charges.

A former homecoming princess and the youngest of Manson’s followers, Van Houten held Rosemary LaBianca down as Tex Watson and Patricia Krenwinkel stabbed her to death. Testimony at trial indicated that Van Houten also stabbed the victim, but did so after she was already dead. 

Van Houten once told a parole board she was “deeply ashamed” of her role in the slayings, the Times reported

“I take very seriously not just the murders, but what made me make myself available to someone like Manson,” she said. 

The state parole board recommended Van Houten for parole in April after 19 previous tries, but California Gov. Jerry Brown reversed the decision. 

The parole board again recommended her for parole in September, and Van Houten is awaiting Brown’s response, the Times said.

Patricia Krenwinkel

Patricia Krenwinkel, who became the longest-serving female inmate in California upon Susan Atkins’ death, remains at the California Institution for Women at Corona, where she works in the prison’s rehabilitative programs, the Times said. She has condemned Manson in the years since the murders.

“What a coward that I found myself to be when I look at the situation,” Krenwinkel told the New York Times in 2014. “The thing I try to remember sometimes is that what I am today is not what I was at 19.”

Krenwinkel participated in the murders at both the Tate and LaBianca murder scenes. Testimony at trial showed that she chased an injured and screaming Abigail Folger from the house onto the expansive lawn, where she continued to stab her 28 times, CNN reported

The following night, Krenwinkel stabbed Rosemary LaBianca to death, testimony showed. She later scrawled “Death to Pigs” on the wall in Leno LaBianca’s blood.

Krenwinkel has been denied parole 14 times, most recently in June. 

Linda Kasabian

Linda Kasabian, who drove the killers to both the Tate and LaBianca scenes because she was the only family member with a valid driver’s license, was offered immunity from prosecution in exchange for her testimony at trial. 

Kasabian, who Watson ordered to remain outside during the Tate murders, later recalled seeing some of the victims run screaming from the house, followed by their killers. She also remained outside at the LaBianca house. 

The Times reported that, as of 1994, Kasabian was a mother of four. She was believed to be living on the East Coast. 

Robert “Bobby” Beausoleil and Bruce Davis

Bobby Beausoleil, 70, who was convicted of murdering Gary Hinman on Manson’s orders, is housed at California Medical Facility in Vacaville, according to CNN. In jail awaiting trial for Hinman’s slaying in August 1969, he was not involved in the Tate-LaBianca murders. 

Bruce Davis, 75, is imprisoned at the California Men’s Colony at San Luis Obispo, where he is serving a life sentence in the murders of Hinman and Shorty Shea. Davis, who the Times reported has been denied parole 30 times, became a born-again Christian in prison and earned a doctoral degree in religious philosophy. 

Steve “Clem” Grogan

Clem Grogan, who rode along with Manson and the other killers the night of the LaBianca murders, did not participate in the killings. He did help Manson, Watson and Davis kill Shorty Shea, however. 

Grogan, who was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, was released on parole in 1985 after he helped authorities recover Shea’s remains by drawing a map to where the stuntman’s body was buried. 

Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme

Squeaky Fromme, who was one of Manson’s most devoted followers, did not participate in the murders, but was present outside the courthouse every day during the murder trial of Manson and the other defendants. 

Fromme achieved her own notoriety in 1975 when she attempted to assassinate then-President Gerald Ford during a visit to Sacramento. Her gun did not fire and Secret Service agents wrestled her to the ground. 

The Times reported that Fromme, who was sentenced to life in prison, escaped from a West Virginia federal prison in 1987, but was recaptured two days later. She continued to write to Manson while in prison. 

Fromme, now 68, was paroled in August 2009 after serving 34 years in prison, the newspaper said. 

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All of these tragedies are so horrible for our community. We must put a stop to this. RIP Draylen.” Mason had been accepted to the University of Texas Butler School of Music, UT spokesman J.B. Bird said Tuesday. The dean of the College of Fine Arts, Doug Dempster, offered his condolences, calling Mason a “most remarkable talent” who had the “chops to study music in college.” “We at the University of Texas were so eager to have him join our music school … He carried himself with a kind of quiet maturity that belied his youth,” Dempster said. “The loss of a child with such conspicuous ambition, talent and determination is the cruelest kind of heartbreak.” Some of Mason’s teachers grieved for him on social media, describing him as a remarkable student. Sam Osemene, a U.S. government professor at Austin Community College, said he was intelligent and well-loved by everyone in the classroom. “He was a very vibrant young man, full of life, always smiling,” Osemene told the American-Statesman on Tuesday. “He had what I call a zeal to succeed.” >> On MyStatesman.com: Police first focused on drug case. They were wrong. Mason had previously shared a couple videos of classical string performances on his Facebook page, and several photos of him show him playing a double bass or sitting at a piano. A spokesperson from Soundwaves said Mason had worked with its executive director since he was 11 years old. Mason had left a five-star review on Austin Soundwaves’ Facebook page: “Austin Soundwaves is a great music programs that’s dedicated to the advancement of kids in East Austin thru the power of music,” he wrote. “They push everyone to strive and to do great things in life.” The group had been contacted by Mason’s family and asked not to comment further. Mason had performed with the Austin Youth Orchestra for the last six years, its conductor, William Dicks, said Tuesday. “He was an outstanding young man that had the talent and artistry to be a first class professional musician,” Dicks said. “It’s senseless.” The first victim Mason was the second person killed in the series of package explosions that began earlier this month. Anthony House, who was killed in the first package bombing on March 2, was father to an 8-year-old girl and a Pflugerville High School and Texas State University graduate. Friends remembered him as quiet, clean-cut and driven. 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Freddie Dixon, for many years and send my deepest condolences to the family.”
  • It’s that time.  The Men’s NCAA basketball tournament begins on Thursday, as millions fill out their brackets and try to figure out a way to watch the games from their desks at work.  March Madness will see 68 teams vie for one of two spots in the April 2 championship game.   >> Read more trending news Office pool betting has begun in earnest and according to the America Gaming Association, the NCAA tournament is one of the most illegally bet on sporting events of the year. The AGA estimates that only 3 percent of March Madness wagers (about $300 million) will be placed legally. So how does this all work? Here’s a look at what time the games will be played, what channel, how to fill out a bracket, the odds on winning the whole thing, and more. When does it start? The tournament actually started on Tuesday with two of the “First Four” games. The First Four are games played by the eight weakest teams (at least on paper) in the tournament.  On Tuesday, Radford and St. Bonaventure were winners. On Wednesday, Texas Southern and Syracuse both came out on top. What channel is it on? The games are broadcast on several channels so fans can see their favorite teams play and networks can make money. CBS, truTV, TBS and TNT will broadcast the games. The championship game will be on TBS. Galavision will provide Spanish language coverage. How do I fill out an NCAA tournament bracket? You can click here to fill out a printable bracket to keep up with your picks. ESPN offers a bracket contest where you fill out a bracket and compete with millions of others trying to pick the winner. No one has ever picked every game correctly in the ESPN bracket contest. (Can you say upset?) How can I watch the tournament without cable? You can stream the games live by clicking here. It is the NCAA March Madness Live app.   Boss Button Watching the games at work? Then you could need a “Boss Button” to keep your nosy employer from seeing you enjoy the games. The button, one of which is on the March Madness website, lets you one-click to replace the game with a fake screenshot of something more work-appropriate when the boss (read: killjoy) strolls through the office. What channel is truTV on my television?  Many of the games will be broadcast on the cable channel truTV. Below is a guide to finding the station on your cable network. You can also go to truTV's website using their channel locator by clicking here. AT&T Uverse: Channel 164, Channel 1164 (HD) DISH Network: Channel 204, Channel 9430 (HD) DIRECTV: Channel 246, Channel 246-1 (HD) SlingTV: Click Here PlayStation VUE: Click Here Time Warner Cable: Click Here to search by zip code Comcast/XFinity Cable: Click Here to search by zip code Charter Cable: Click Here to search by zip code Cox Communications: Click Here to search by zip code Bright House Networks: Click Here to search by zip code Cablevision/Optimum: Click Here to search by zip code Cable One: Click Here to search by zip code Mediacom: Click Here to search by zip code Suddenlink Communications: Click Here to search by zip code WOW! cable: Click Here to search by zip code What is the schedule? Here is the schedule of games, times and the channel they are being broadcast on.  First Round – Thursday (All times are ET) (10) Oklahoma vs. (7) Rhode Island 12:15 p.m. CBS  (14) Wright State vs. (3) Tennessee 12:40 p.m. truTV  (13) UNCG vs. (4) Gonzaga 1:30 p.m. TNT  (16) Penn vs. (1) Kansas 2 p.m. TBS  (15) Iona vs. (2) Duke 2:45 p.m. CBS  (11) Loyola-Chicago vs. (6) Miami (Fla.) 3:10 p.m. truTV  (12) South Dakota State vs. (5) Ohio State 4 p.m. TNT  (9) NC State vs. (8) Seton Hall 4:30 p.m. TBS  (16) Radford vs. (1) Villanova 6:45 p.m. TNT  (12) Davidson vs. (5) Kentucky 7:10 p.m. CBS (11) San Diego State vs. (6) Houston 7:20 p.m. TBS  (14) Stephen F. Austin vs. (3) Texas Tech 7:27 p.m. truTV  (9) Alabama vs. (8) Virginia Tech 9:20 p.m. TNT  (13) Buffalo vs. (4) Arizona 9:40 p.m. CBS  (14) Montana vs. (3) Michigan 9:50 p.m. TBS  (11) St. Bonaventure vs. (6) Florida 9:55 p.m. truTV  First Round – Friday (10) Providence vs. (7) Texas A&M 12:15 p.m. CBS  (15) CSU Fullerton vs. (2) Purdue 12:40 p.m. truTV  (13) Marshall vs. (4) Wichita State 1:30 p.m. TNT  (15) Georgia State vs. (2) Cincinnati  2 p.m. TBS  (15) Lipscomb vs. (2) UNC 2:45 p.m. CBS  (10) Butler vs. (7) Arkansas 3:10 p.m. truTV  (12) Murray State vs. (5) West Virginia 4 p.m. TNT  (10) Texas vs. (7) Nevada 4:30 p.m. TBS  (9) Kansas State vs. (8) Creighton 6:50 p.m. TNT  (14) Bucknell vs. (3) Michigan State 7:10 p.m. CBS  (16) Texas Southern vs. (1) Xavier 7:20 p.m. TBS  (13) Charleston vs. (4) Auburn 7:27 p.m. truTV  (16) UMBC vs. (1) Virginia 9:20 p.m. TNT  (11) Syracuse vs. (6) TCU 9:40 p.m. CBS  (9) Florida State vs. (8) Missouri 9:50 p.m. TBS  (12) New Mexico State vs. (5) Clemson 9:57 p.m. truTV  Below is the schedule for games in the second round, the Sweet 16, the Elite Eight, the Final Four and the championship game. Check back here for an updated list of games as the tournament progresses. Second round: Saturday, March 17 (1) Villanova vs. (9) Alabama 12:10 p.m. CBS (2) Duke vs. (7) Rhode Island 2:45 p.m. CBS (5) Kentucky vs. (13) Buffalo 5:15 p.m. CBS (3) Tennessee vs. (11) Loyola 6:10 p.m. TNT 1 Kansas vs. (8) Seton Hall 7:10 p.m. TBS (4) Gonzaga vs. (5) Ohio State 7:45 p.m. CBS (3) Texas Tech vs. (6) Florida 8:40 p.m. TNT (3) Michigan vs. (6) Houston 9:40 p.m. TBS  Second round: Sunday, March 18 (2) Purdue vs. (10) Butler 12:10 p.m. CBS (3) Michigan State vs. (11) Syracuse  Approximately 2:40 p.m. CBS (2) North Carolina vs. (7) Texas A&M  5:15 p.m. CBS (2) Cincinnati vs. (7) Nevada  6:10 p.m. TNT  (4) Auburn vs. (5) Clemson  7:10 p.m. TBS  (9) Kansas State vs. (16) UMBC  Approximately 7:40 p.m. truTV  (1) Xavier vs. (9) Florida State  Approximately 8:40 p.m. TNT (5) West Virginia vs. (13) Marshall  Approximately 9:40 p.m. TBS  Sweet 16: Thursday, March 22 7:00 p.m. -- Second round winners (CBS) 7:15 p.m. -- Second round winners (TBS)  9:30 p.m. -- Second round winners (CBS) 9:45 p.m. -- Second round winners (TBS)  Sweet 16: Friday, March 23 7:00 p.m. -- Second round winners (CBS) 7:15 p.m. -- Second round winners (TBS)  9:30 p.m. -- Second round winners (CBS) 9:45 p.m. -- Second round winners (TBS)  Elite Eight: Saturday, March 24 6:00 p.m. -- Sweet 16 winners (TBS) 8:30 p.m. -- Sweet 16 winners (TBS)  Elite Eight: Sunday, March 25 2:00 p.m. -- Sweet 16 winners (CBS) 4:55 p.m. -- Sweet 16 winners (CBS)  Final Four: Saturday, March 31 6:00 p.m. -- Elite Eight winners (TBS) 8:30 p.m. -- Elite Eight winners (TBS)  National Championship: Monday, April 2 9:00 p.m. -- Final Four winners (TBS) What are the odds? So, who will likely win the tournament? According to the online betting site Bovada, Villanova is the best bet.  Here are the odds for each team. If you are not sure how to bet on the games but want to give it a go, there’s a primer on the site to help you.  Villanova +600 Virginia +650 Duke +800 Michigan State +1100 Kansas +1200 Purdue +1200 Cincinnati +1200 Arizona +1200 Michigan +1400 North Carolina +1400 Xavier +1500 Gonzaga +1500 Kentucky +1600 West Virginia +2500 Texas Tech +4000 Tennessee +4000 Wichita State +4000 Missouri +5500 Auburn +6000 Ohio State +8000 Florida +9000 Houston +10000 Providence +10000 Rhode Island +15000 Texas A&M +15000 TCU +15000 Clemson +15000 TCU +15000 Clemson +15000 Miami +15000 Oklahoma +20000 San Diego State +20000 Virginia Tech +20000 Arkansas +25000 Alabama +2000 Davidson +25000 Seton Hall +25000 Texas +25000 Loyola +25000 NC State +25000 Syracuse +25000 Butler +30000 UCLA +30000 Creighton +35000 Florida State +35000 Arizona State +50000 Kansas State +50000 Marshall +50000 Montana +50000 Nevada +50000 New Mexico State +50000 Stephen F. Austin +50000 Wright State +50000 Bucknell +70000 UMBC +100000 Buffalo +100000 Cal State Fullerton +100000 Charleston +100000 Georgia State +100000 Iona +100000 Lipscomb +100000 LIU Brooklyn +100000 Murray State +100000 North Carolina Central +100000 UNC Greensboro +100000 Pennsylvania +100000 Radford +100000 South Dakota State +100000 St. Bonaventure +100000 Texas Southern +100000

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