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Buresh Blog: 2017 weather review.... Jacksonville was a target for mother nature's fury

Buresh Blog: 2017 weather review.... Jacksonville was a target for mother nature's fury

Buresh Blog: 2017 weather review.... Jacksonville was a target for mother nature's fury
Photo Credit: None

Buresh Blog: 2017 weather review.... Jacksonville was a target for mother nature's fury

The 2017 local weather review!  After each month in parenthesis - avg. temp. / deviation from avg., rainfall / deviation from avg.  The year in Jacksonville included 19 temperature records & 4 daily rainfall records with 11 months that had above avg. temps. & 8 months with above avg. rainfall.  There were record & near record low sea level pressure readings... hail.... flooding... severe storms & high winds &, of course, mighty hurricane Irma.

JANUARY (59.8/+6.7... 4.05"/+0.75")

2nd: 82 - broke record high of 80/1947

20th: tie record high of 83 (1990)

21st: 84 - broke record high of 82/1929

22nd: EF-1 tornado in Camden Co., Ga... 1 killed in Lake City be damaging thunderstorm winds - all part of big tornado outbreak across the deep South/Southeast as 20 are killed by tornadoes.  Record low Jan. sea level pressure in Jacksonville - 29.31" (992.6mb) breaking the record for Jan. of 29.35" (993.9mb) - Jan. 21, 1979.

First Alert Doppler HD on Sun., Jan. 22nd just after 6pm as severe storms moves across NE Fl. & SE Ga.:

Adel, Ga. EF-3 tornado damage on Jan. 22nd:

FEBRUARY (62.3/+5.9...1.35"/-1.84")

7th: 81 breaks the record high of 80/1904

7th: evening severe storms with 2 EF-1 tornadoes - Lawtey & Heritage Landing in NE Fl... many downed trees/power lines from high squall line winds.  The system began in the morning in Louisiana where an EF-3 tornado hit New Orleans.

Heritage Landing, Fl EF-1 tornado damage as seen by Sky Action News Jax:

Photo of New Orleans EF-3 tornado courtesy New Orleans N.W.S.:

28th: 87 ties record high (1962)

MARCH (62.3/+0.6...1.07"/-2.88")

1st: 88 breaks the record high of 87, 1997

16th: 28 - breaks the record low of 30, 1898 - coldest for so late in the season

22nd: W. Nassau Co. - 700 acre wildfire near & west of Bryceville, Fl.

APRIL (70.0/+2.9...0.74"/-1.90")

3rd - 89 ties the record high, 2012

5th: 91 breaks the record of 89/1880

6th: W. Mims wildfire in Ga. is ignited by a lightning strike

20th: Tropical storm "Arlene" develops over the far E. Atlantic & dissipates on the 21st

28th: 94 ties the record high, 1991

MAY (75.4/+1.3....8.65"/+6.17")

6th: thick smoke over Duval Co. from W. Mims wildfire near the Fl./Ga. border

10th: 94 breaks the record of 93/2011

11th: 96 breaks the record of 95/1973

24th: 3-day rainfall of 5-10" puts out many wildfires

30th: O. Park t'storm downburst destroys many trees

31st: 3" hail in Jacksonville Beach + flooding.  66 mph wind gust at JIA - record high for May beating old record of 62 mph on May 27, 1975.

JUNE (79.4/-0.5...11.88"/+5.43"

6TH: EF-1 tornado near DuPont, extreme Southern St. Johns Co.

15th: UPS building roof damaged by straight line winds

22nd: Tropical storm "Cindy" landfall near 4am on the Texas/La. border

26th: Heavy afternoon t'storms - Nocatee home destroyed by lightning, fire.



JULY (82.8/+0.5... 10.91"/+4.36" - 10th wettest July on record)

10th: 1.97" of rain - daily record (1.45"/1915)

30th: 2.36" - daily record (1.74"/1974)

AUGUST (82.4/+0.6...9.09"/+0.29" - June - Aug. - 5th wettest on record [31.50"]... May - Aug. - wettest on record (40.53" beats record of 33.73", 1965).  Avg. Aug. dew point of 75.4 degrees was all-time highest recorded for any month since dewpoint records began in 1937.

1st: 68 - tie record low, 1966

9th: 1st Atlantic hurricane of the season - "Franklin" - Mexico landfall on the 10th

17th: Tropical storm "Harvey" forms over the Caribbean... dissipates on the 19th... reforms on the 23rd... hits Texas central coast on the 25th near 11pm EDT as Cat. 4 hurricane - 1st U.S. "major" landfalling hurricane since "Wilma" in Fl., 2005

21st: The "Great U.S. Solar Eclipse" - 91% of sun obscured at peak in Jacksonville... totality from the Pacific NW to the Midwest to the S. Carolina coast.  Read the "Buresh Blog" post about my total solar eclipse experience in S. Carolina.

27th: Catastrophic flooding in Houston from Harvey

30th: Tropical storm "Irma" forms just off the coast of Africa over the far Eastern Atlantic... becomes a Cat. 3 on the 31st while moving swiftly west.

SEPTEMBER (79.0/+0.8...13.33"/+5.14"... [Record 114-day - from May 21 - Sept. 11 - rainfall of 50.16" breaking record of 48.82" from June June 13 - Oct. 4, 2004].)

6th: Cat. 5 Irma hits Barbuda, Northern Lesser Antilles & U.S. Virgin Islands

8th: Cat. 1 hurricane "Katia" makes Mexican coast landfall

9th: Cat. 5 Irma hits the north coast of Cuba

10th: Cat. 4 Irma hits the U.S. Central Keys... then a second U.S. landfall as Cat. 3 near San Marco Island

11th: Irma's closest approach to Jacksonville: 4.54" at JIA - record for the day (4.12"/1960)... record flooding on the St. Johns River, downtown Jax breaking the record set in hurricane "Dora", 1964.  The all-time highest wind gust of 86 mph was measured at JIA breaking the record of 85 mph on Sept. 9, 1964 (hurricane "Dora").  The sea level pressure at JIA fell to 29.13" (986.5mb) - 9th lowest on record.... & lowest since the "Super Storm" of March 13, 1993 (29.05"/987.7mb).  The widespread flooding from Irma set 32 all-time records at coastal tidal gauges & inland river gauges in NE Fl.  All-time high flood crests on the North Fork & South Fork of Black Creek in Clay Co.  All-time records on the middle & upper portions of the Santa Fe River Basin in Columbia Co., Fl. Aerial video of damage - here..... photo gallery here... "Talking the Tropics With Mike" - Irma recap.... video recap of 2017 hurricane season here... "Talking the Tropics With Mike": Season review.

20th: Cat. 4 "Maria" hammers Puerto Rico.

30th: Local Nor'easter produces flooding after 2-10" of rain (through Oct. 1)

OCTOBER (74.0/+3.6.... 4.01"/+0.08")

7th: Cat. 1 hurricane Nate makes landfall on the SE Louisiana coast followed by a 2nd landfall as Cat. 1 near Biloxi on the 8th

8th: tie record high min of 76 (1941)

13th: tie record high - 89, 1986

14th: tie record high low of 76, 1912

16th: 92 - record high (90/1925)

NOVEMBER (65.1/+2.9....2.61"/+0.50")

8th: tie record high - 85, 1986

21st: 1.68" - daily record rainfall (1.16"/1887)

23rd: wet Thanksgiving - 0.74" at JIA but 3-6" SE Duval, St. Johns, Clay Co.

DECEMBER (58.2/+2.9.... 2.42"/-0.38")

24th: 83 - tie record high, 2015

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A follow-up news release issued later Monday stated that no weapon was found near Clark’s body. “After an exhaustive search, scene investigators did not locate any firearms,” the news release stated. “The only item found near the suspect was a cellphone.” Homicide investigators and crime scene technicians said they found three vehicles with damage they believe Clark caused, as well as the shattered sliding glass door that the helicopter crew said they witnessed him break, the news release said.  The only items investigators found that could have been the toolbar described by the helicopter crew included a cinder block and a piece of aluminum that may have come from a gutter. Both were found near the broken sliding glass door, the Bee reported.  Both officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave, the newspaper said. One of the officers has eight years of law enforcement experience, half of it with the Sacramento department.  The other officer has six years total experience, two of those in Sacramento.  Sacramento city policy requires any body-camera footage of an officer-involved shooting to be made public within 30 days, the Bee reported.  Hahn said he plans to release the officers’ body camera footage, as well as footage from a camera aboard the helicopter, after it has been shared with Clark’s family, Fox40 reported. He anticipated having the footage released by week’s end.  The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, the city attorney’s office and the city’s Office of Public Safety Accountability are investigating the shooting, as is the department’s homicide and internal affairs units.  The Bee reported that Clark was at least the 17th person to die in confrontations with law enforcement in Sacramento County in the past two years. Besides the young father, three others were unarmed. 
  • House Bill 85, signed by Governor Scott, allows the sharing of voter information to make sure people aren’t registered in other states. “The bill allows the state of Florida to join ERIC, which stands for Electronic Registration Information Center, a multistate voter registration database,” according to Clay County Supervisor of Elections Chris Chambless. He says the old way relied on a line on the registration form that requested the address where the voter was last registered. That information was NOT required. Now that Florida can share with other states, that information will automatically be provided.  He says it will help prevent voter fraud. The measure, sponsored by Representative Ross Spano, allows the state to share voter information with other states if that effort is not controlled by the federal government.  It also allows Florida to share driver’s license information.
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