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JSO budget hole tentatively eliminated, your tax rate set to rise

JSO budget hole tentatively eliminated, your tax rate set to rise

JSO budget hole tentatively eliminated, your tax rate set to rise
Photo Credit: Stephanie Brown

JSO budget hole tentatively eliminated, your tax rate set to rise

They were given a budget lapse that the Council Auditor and City Councilmen best described as impossible to meet, but now it’s on the way out.

The Mayor’s Office gave the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office a nearly $30 million extraordinary lapse in its budget proposal. That means they were told to make cuts, but given little guidance on how to achieve that.

Handouts provided by the Sheriff’s Office show that with the budget lapse, they would have needed to delete 381 police officer positions, 62 corrections positions and 13 civilian positions and closed the Community Transition Center- which was on the chopping block last year as well.

“We can’t cut anymore,” Rutherford says.

The Finance committee started by restoring about $1.8 million to go towards the extraordinary lapse through several recommendations out of the Council Auditor’s Office which mostly reflect disagreements with budget projections, vacant positions, etc.

It didn’t take long after for Councilman Clay Yarborough to offer up a motion restoring the remaining $27.75 million using council contingency, which is essentially a pot the council can spend from to plug budget holes or deal with other expenses through the year.   After some debate, Councilman Richard Clark put through a motion instead that rolled over an estimated $7 million in savings by the Sheriff’s Office from this year to next year, and took the remaining nearly $21 through contingency. That is ultimately what Finance decided to do.

The council voted several weeks ago to allow a possible 15% property  tax hike that made roughly $65 million available for the city to use in contingency- and it is certain now that at least some of that will be drawn on, meaning your property tax rate will rise.

“The can’s been kicked down the road, it’s finally landed at our feet- what are we supposed to do,” says Council President Bill Gulliford.

Gulliford says the proposal they received from the Mayor’s Office didn’t show any budget priorities, and made sacrifices from public safety that were too severe.

“Just totally unrealistic. You can’t leave the city unprotected,” he says.

Rutherford says he has still had to make some layoffs as part of the $6 million in cuts he initially offered in his proposed budget.  He says anything further would have absolutely affected the ability of JSO to keep you safe.

“I didn’t get what I wanted, I got what I needed to keep this community safe,” he says.

And while the council is on a definite path to need money generated from a higher tax rate, they do not believe it will be the full 15% hike allocated.  But Councilman John Crescimbeni tells me, among his constituents, the hike was more accepted this year than years passed.  He says people are getting a hands on feel for what happens to city services when there is no tax hike, and they’re not liking it.

Despite the ability of the committee to apparently stave off the worst of the service impacts this year, Crescimbeni says they have to now address a greater issue that will continue to be a problem.

“In the absence of dealing with this pension albatross- we cannot keep taking tens of millions of dollars off the table each year and giving it as extra money to the pension obligation to police and fire without affecting services,” he says.

There is no pension reform proposal currently on the table since city council voted down the agreement between the Mayor’s Office, Jacksonville Association of Fire Fighters, Fraternal Order of Police Jacksonville and Police and Fire Pension Fund.

While the Finance committee has voted in favor of allocating the money for these items, the money will not be appropriated until a vote by the full City Council which takes place with the entire budget next month.

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The Latest News Headlines

  • A 15-year-old Florida teen is in custody at the U.S.-Canada border, hours after police discovered the body of a woman believed to be his missing grandmother in a shallow grave near the boy’s home, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office reported. Logan Tyler Mott was detained by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection as he tried to enter Canada from Buffalo, New York, sheriff’s deputies said. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office had called Mott “armed and dangerous” and a person of interest in the death of his grandmother, 53-year-old Kristina June French. Mott was being watched by French at her Neptune Beach home while his father, a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office corrections officer, was on vacation. Mott’s mother, Carrie Campbell-Mott, said the boy’s father, Eric Mott, was on vacation with his girlfriend. Eric Mott took an Uber home from the airport Wednesday after French never showed up to get them, Campbell-Mott said. When they got home, the door to their home was open and the house was ransacked, Campbell-Mott said. Eric Mott's guns were missing from a gun safe, Campbell-Mott said. French’s home in the Mayport area also was ransacked. Her weapons were gone, along with her Dodge Dart. Mott and French were reported missing after Logan didn't show up to high school on Monday or Tuesday. French also didn't show up for work Monday or Tuesday. A warrant was issued for his arrest Thursday on a charge of auto theft, deputies said. Originally, deputies believed that Tyler Mott and French may have been traveling together in the Dodge Dart. A missing child alert was issued by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The teen and the missing vehicle were spotted Thursday on surveillance video in south central Pennsylvania, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office reported. In a statement, Campbell-Mott she was “relieved” that her son was in custody. “We just ask for everyone to give us time to sort out what happened,” Campbell-Mott said. “That no matter what, Logan is our child and we love him and are standing by him to help in any way. We want to find out what happened to Kristina and we need time for that to happen.” Campbell-Mott said a sheriff’s detective will fly to meet Logan on Saturday. In a statement, the May Institute, a nonprofit organization that employed French, said it was “truly devastated” to learn of her death. “Kristina was a friend and a role model to so many people. … She was a true champion for people with disabilities and advocated tirelessly for human rights. “We have lost a beautiful person and she will be dearly missed. It is a very sad day.”
  • UPDATE 11/24/17 11:16 pm: JSO says Logan Mott has been detained by US Customs and Border Protection, as he tried to enter Canada from the Buffalo, New York area. ORIGINAL STORY: It's a tragic update in the days-long search to find a missing 15-year-old and his grandmother.  The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office announcing Friday afternoon they do believe foul play was involved, as they've recovered what they believe to be the body of 53-year-old Kristina French in the backyard of a Neptune Beach home connected to the two.  'The burial site was excavated today and human remains were located. They appear consistent with the description of Kristina French, but there will be no positive identification until the autopsy is completed by the medical examiner,' says JSO's Director of Investigations, Ron Lendvay.  At this point, JSO says 15-year-old Logan Mott is still missing, as is the silver Dodge Dart. Police say they do believe Mott is alive and in that vehicle.  'We have video surveillance of an individual we believe to be Logan Mott, with what we believe to be the car that's missing in this case, in south central Pennsylvania yesterday at 1:15 pm,' says Lendvay.  JSO says they're in the process of obtaining an arrest warrant for Mott for auto theft. He's also considered a person of interest in connection to the death of the person found in the backyard of the home on Seagate Avenue.  Police say Mott may also be in possession of firearms, as guns had been reported missing from that home, so if you do see him, you’re urged to call 911.
  • Phoenix teenager Jamal Hinton and grandmother Wanda Hence have turned their internet fame from 2016 into a tradition. >> Read more trending news Last year, Hence thought she was texting her grandson to invite him to dinner in a group text, but she was actually texting Jamal Hinton, 17. Hinton asked who was texting him and was told it was his grandmother. “I really thought it was my grandma, so I had to ask for a picture to make sure,” Hinton told BuzzFeed. The result was a selfie exchange from Hence to which Hinton replied, 'You're not my grandma!' But Hinton asked if he could still get a plate of food despite the mistake. Hence replied, “Of course you can. That's what grandmas do ... feed everyone.' KNXV reported that Hinton joined Hence’s family for dinner and is now her 'honorary grandson.' When Hinton arrived and shook Hence’s hand, the two soon embraced for a hug. 'I'd never seen her before and she welcomed me into her home,' Hinton told KNXV. 'That shows me how great of a person she is. I'm thankful for people like that.' 'He always has an open invite to our house for Thanksgiving,' Hence told WVEC Friday.   
  • Heads up, St. Johns County residents. The county says the St. Augustine Beach Pope Road beach access point will be closed beginning, Monday, November 27th, due to an Army Corps of Engineers beach renourishment project.  That project is expected to last through spring 2018, with the Pope Road beach access point remaining closed that entire time.  The county say the renourishment will help critically-eroded areas between Anastasia State Park and 8th Street in St. Augustine Beach.  The beach will remain open outside of work areas, but you're urged to use caution in the area.  For more information, click HERE.
  • UPDATE Friday morning:  Logan Mott’s mother has posted a heartfelt message on Facebook, pleading for a safe return of her 15-year-old son and his grandmother, Kristina French.  UPDATE 11/23/17 5:40 PM: The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says there’s no new information to release. ORIGINAL STORY: A missing child alert has been issued for 15-year-old Logan Mott out of Neptune Beach.  The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Jacksonville Police believe Logan is in the company of his grandmother, 53-year-old Kristina French.  The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says firearms are missing from a home they are associated with. Our partners at Action News Jax spoke with Logan’s mother who says the home that had the firearms looked like it had been ransacked.  The two are believed to traveling in a 2015 silver Dodge Dart with Florida tag D-L-L-T-4-2.  JSO says with the firearms missing, you should not approach them if you see them. You are asked to call 911. This is a developing story, check back for more updates. 

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