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Jacksonville rain

Weekend brings cooler temps and showers

It will be a cool weekend with showers heading our way. Action News Chief meteorologist Mike Buresh says we'll see lots of cloud coverage and heavy rain at times.

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Obama open to compromise with Congress in 2015

While noting his differences with Republicans on a series of issues, President Obama used a year-end news conference to make clear that he’s ready to make some deals with the GOP Congress in 2015.

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2013 Severe Thanksgiving weather

Holiday Travel Updates

Get latest information about airport delays, weather and news about traveling for the holidays

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Latest college football stories

Best of the season's 39 bowl games

Best of the season's 39 bowl games

The College Football Playoff era is here and as the bowl season starts, it feels a bit like a New Year's three-for-one special: Three big games instead of one.

Latest NFL stories

Tom Brady's Teammates Are Terrified of His Touchdown Celebrations

Catching touchdowns from Tom Brady should be joyous for all those involved. Some Patriots players, however have a hard time dealing with the superstar quarterbacks celebrations.

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