For Locals By Locals Spotlight on Silverleaf Peterbrooke

The WOKV For Locals By Locals Spotlight this week is on Silverleaf Chocolatier, a new store in St. Augustine. They carry Peterbrooke Chocolate and serve handmade chocolate and gelato, plus custom made specialties.

They create hand dipped treats like chocolate covered pretzels, Oreos, graham crackers, potato chips, bacon and more. They make specialty popcorn and they sell assorted chocolates and gift baskets.

Owner Julie Reston says she is following her dreams, “I’ve been a stay-at-home-mom for 22 years and I have loved Peterbrooke since I was little.”

Silverleaf is located 70 Silver Forest Drive Suite 112 in St. Augustine, an area that is growing. It’s a new store in a new shopping center in a new community called Silverleaf. Reston says the neighborhood will be 19,000 homes with a new high school and grade school, so she’s banking on growth.

Silverleaf Peterbrooke is open 10am - 8pm Monday through Thursday, 10am - 9pm Fridays, 9am - 9pm Saturdays and 12pm - 6pm on Sundays. Here is their link: CLICK HERE.

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