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New JEA HQ is more than two years away

New JEA HQ is more than two years away

New JEA HQ is more than two years away
Left: Kings Avenue Station, from Kings Avenue Station P3, LLC; Top right: Lot J, from Jacksonville 1-C Parcel One Holding Company; Bottom right: 325 West Adams Street, from Ryan Companies US, Inc.

New JEA HQ is more than two years away

With their current building too large and in need of substantial repairs, JEA has been working through the process of soliciting bids for a new headquarters. As the Board heard from the three “short-listed” plans Tuesday, they learned even the quickest proposed construction would take more than two years to complete once the award is made.

And, when all is said and done, JEA also may not have ownership of the building they choose.

IN DEPTH: Public bids released for JEA HQ proposals

WOKV has been following this process for months, and the Board vote is slated for April. While the information that’s publicly available about those bids is limited at this time, including how much they would cost and how much public financing would be expected, we’re learning more from public packets that JEA has asked each team to assemble and presentations that were made by those teams to the Board today.

Lot J, near TIAA Bank Field

Jaguars President Mark Lamping acknowledges that it’s unusual for an NFL team to be involved in a bid like this, but he says they see the success of Downtown as vital to the success of of the franchise.

“In addition to providing an exceptional work environment for your employees and an efficient and pleasant experience for your customers, you have a decision in front of you that, in many respects, put you in a position to be the catalyst to help Downtown Jacksonville realize it’s full potential,” Lamping says.

GALLERY: Lot J JEA headquarters proposal

The Jags have partnered with the Cordish Companies in their proposal, which would have the new HQ ready for occupancy about 29 months from the award date. While the proposal doesn’t specifically address building ownership, Cordish Companies Principal and Vice President Blake Cordish says they still own and operate every project they have built. He did say their hope and intent would be that the company manages the site.

“Our perspective is not of one to build and sell quickly. It’s to develop projects and partnerships with our clients that will be lasting. Make the decisions up front to create the best possible product and experiences for our clients, and ones that are the most cost-effective in the long term,” he says.

Cordish touted their team’s experience specifically in projects that join with sports teams to create broader entertainment districts. They are planning for this to be a kickoff for the redevelopment of Lot J, which will also include a parking garage and “live arena”. That development in itself is hoped by the developers to be a springboard for their overall vision to redevelop the Sports Complex and Shipyards. Jaguars owner Shad Khan is the Master Developer of the Shipyards, but negotiations with the City have been ongoing for a long time.

“This vision is one that is once in a generation for Jacksonville. This is an opportunity to transform 80 city blocks, an opportunity to create billions of dollars of development and millions of square feet that will become a new catalyst for the future of your community, of Jacksonville,” Cordish says.

Jacksonville 1-C Parcel One Holding Company

JEA headquarters proposal at Lot J

Photo Credit: Jacksonville 1-C Parcel One Holding Company

Their plan centers on the amenities that development could ultimately provide- restaurants, retail, residential space, and more- as being big conveniences for customers and employees alike. They also believe another separate proposal by JTA for the Bay Street Innovation Corridor would provide good transportation solutions, and the stadium and new proposed garage provide ample parking.

And, for the building itself, the proposal is a transparent sort of facade, solar panels, and collaborative and flexible work spaces.

Kings Avenue Station, Southbank

Aiming to highlight things that make this property unique and-in their belief- easier to get in motion, the developers behind this proposal say this is a “generational” decision.

“It will take careful analysis, courage, and conviction to find the right location for JEA, its employees, and its taxpayers,” says Chase Properties President and CEO Michael Balanky.

GALLERY: Kings Avenue Station JEA headquarters proposal

Balanky says the City has made mistakes in the past by locating government buildings, like the Duval County Jail, on prime property, so this is not a decision that should be taken lightly. He says they have a team with substantial local roots and presence, and they will be accountable to the decisions they make.

“We are not going to leave this community. The legacy of that we do on your behalf is going to be something that we are going to live with and that we are going to be proud of,” says Ervin Lovett Miller Principal Steve Lovett.

This development team is already in full ownership of this property, and they say the zoning is already in place, no environmental remediation is needed, and the pad-ready site already has some infrastructure installed. They believe, from the time of award, they could deliver the project completely in 30-31 months. That delivery could be a complete hand-off, as the proposal contemplates a long-term lease, lease-to-own agreement, or purchase of the building outright.

Kings Avenue Station P3, LLC

JEA headquarters proposal for Kings Avenue Station

Photo Credit: Kings Avenue Station P3, LLC

In terms of the location, the development team thinks there is a distinct advantage is being right off I-95, in terms of the visibility of the signage and access to the area. They are also near Skyway and Bus Rapid Transit routes and intend to tap in to the Kings Avenue Garage on the property, which they say is currently under-utilized. More parking is available under I-95, with the team in talks with FDOT to add more.

Lovett says they also have walkability to existing amenities, including restaurants and hotels, as well as some that are in development, like The District. The site plan allows for business expansion at the property as well.

“The success of JEA will stand alone here, regardless of what happens around it, and we think that’s very, very important,” Balanky says.

325 West Adams Street, near the County Courthouse

The Ryan Companies wants to keep the HQ in the heart of Downtown, only a few blocks from the current location. They think the best opportunity for customers, employees, and the City alike is to contribute to an active, urban environment.

“We build stories. As we engage with every one of our customers, we recognize we’re building a building, we’re pulling together financing, we’re constructing, we’re designing. That’s what we do. What we’re really doing for you is building the story of who JEA is,” says Ryan Companies President of Southeast Region Doug Dieck.

GALLERY:West Adams Street JEA headquarters proposal

Dieck says, with Ryan’s in-house experience and team, they have the knowledge and experience to pull off the plan. Their estimated construction timeline would have occupancy in the shortest amount of time- 25 months from the award- and they intend to lease the property to JEA.

The property itself would include flexible and collaborative work spaces, natural light, outdoor space on the ninth floor, near the cafeteria and fitness center, and similar measures. There would be a separate parking garage on the property with separate entrances for employees and customers. Customers would have similar public transportation options for this site as they do now, which is another benefit of remaining in the core, according to the team.

“It will be right in the center of everything that we call Downtown,” says Mandalay Real Estate Partners Principal and Chestnut Hill Investments President JJ Conners.

Ryan Companies US, Inc.

JEA headquarters proposal for West Adams Street

Photo Credit: Ryan Companies US, Inc.

They see this proposal as an overall marriage of a capable team and a vision for the future of the company and city.

“Great cities, you go around the world, have great, strong cores. If a city doesn’t have a strong core, it is never going to be able to attain greatness as a city,” says Ryan Companies Chairman of the Board Patrick Ryan.

He says they want to ensure they deliver what JEA wants, though, so they see this whole process as a dialogue.

Next steps

What was not discussed at these presentations to the Board was the overall price tag for each plan, and what they would ask in terms of public contribution. That is some of the information that is in the full proposal packages, which are not considered public record at this time.

JEA, their real estate consultant, and these three short-listed proposers continue negotiations, with the deadline for Best and Final Offers on March 11th. The JEA Board will then vote during the week of April 8th, with the intent of approving the final contract in the summer.

WOKV will continue to follow this process and bring you bid details as they’re available.

JEA is looking for a new headquarters, and there are three proposals on the short list. I’m breaking down what we know about each, the questions remaining, and what happens next.

Posted by Stephanie Brown, News 104.5 WOKV on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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The plea bargain was aimed at helping Colorado authorities send Cleary to prison for violating his probation in the stalking cases, the News reported.  >> Related story: Man upset over not having girlfriend accused of mass shooting threat to girls Fourth District Judge Christine Johnson on Thursday declined to take the state up on its recommendation, citing her uncertainty of whether Cleary would serve any jail time for probation violation in Colorado, the newspaper said. “I don’t want to be in the position of guessing what Colorado is going to do,” Johnson said during Cleary’s sentencing hearing.  Cleary was arrested Jan. 19, the same day multiple women’s marches were being held in Utah and throughout the country, based on an alarming Facebook post he wrote the night before, the News said. In the post, he bemoaned his lack of romantic prospects and, like several mass shooters who have targeted women, blamed the opposite sex for his plight. “All I wanted was a girlfriend,” Cleary wrote, according to a police affidavit obtained by The Denver Post. “All I wanted was to be loved, yet no one cares about me. I’m 27 years old and I’ve never had a girlfriend before, and I’m still a virgin. This is why I’m planning on shooting up a public place soon and being the next mass shooter ‘cause I’m ready to die and all the girls the turned me down is going to make it right by killing as many girls as I see.” Another post stated, “There’s nothing more dangerous than (a) man ready to die,” the Post reported.  Cleary’s threats alarmed state and federal authorities in Colorado and neighboring Utah, where they traced his cellphone the following day. He was arrested at a McDonald’s in Provo and charged with making a terroristic threat.  Following his arrest, Cleary told investigators he was “upset and not thinking clearly” when he wrote the Facebook posts. According to the Post, he deleted the threats after other people called him and threatened him. Court records obtained by multiple newspapers paint a disturbing portrait of Cleary, who was accused of stalking and harassment by at least eight women and girls dating back at least seven years. The News reported that Cleary was also accused of threatening to bomb a grocery store in 2013 and threatened to commit a mass shooting at a mental health facility in 2016.  >> Read more trending news An 18-year-old Arvada woman called police on New Year’s Eve 2015 and reported that Cleary, with whom she’d been chatting on Facebook, began harassing her online and over the phone after she declined to go on a date with him. According to the Post, the woman told detectives he would use aliases, including one alias on Facebook named John Coleman. “I’ve been watching you,” the person claiming to be Coleman wrote to her on Facebook. “Soon here, you’ll be lying in your deathbed.” During that investigation, Arvada detectives found details of a previous criminal investigation in which Cleary told another woman who spurned his advances she should kill herself, the Post reported. He also posted her name and phone number in an online sex ad, offering her services for $20, court records show. In a prior misdemeanor harassment case from earlier in 2015, Cleary was convicted after talking a woman into posing naked for him and then posting the picture to a fake Facebook page in her name, the newspaper reported.  A harassment case from Denver found Cleary accused of writing threatening messages to a 17-year-old girl, including a message that said, “I own multipul (sic) guns. I can have u dead in a second. One day I’ma snap and kill everyone,” according to court documents. A second Denver case involved a 19-year-old woman who said she lived with Cleary in a hotel room for two weeks, during which time he choked her and urinated on her, the court documents said.  Cleary was convicted in October 2016 on two counts of stalking and harassment involving two of the three alleged victims in Arvada, the Post said. He was sentenced to two years of probation.  Cleary was arrested in yet another stalking case less than a year later. A 43-year-old Lakewood woman who had dated him called 911 Aug. 5, 2017, to report Cleary was stalking her. He was arrested outside the woman’s house. According to the Post, Cleary told investigators the woman was the only person who loved him and he was lonely without her. The woman told police she and Cleary had a sexual relationship -- contradicting Cleary’s claim earlier this year that he was a virgin. The victim told police Cleary, who began stalking her when she broke off the relationship, had called her 45 times that day, threatening her and telling her he hoped she would die.  “I am going to burn your house down,” Cleary told her, according to court records. “I am going to send people to your house to kill you.” Cleary also posted her phone number and address on Craigslist “soliciting sexual acts and rape,” according to a probable cause statement in the case. The woman said she’d received multiple phone calls from strangers due to the ad. The woman told police she lost 20 pounds and began having nightmares and anxiety attacks because of the stalking, the Post reported.  Cleary pleaded guilty to charges of felony stalking and making threats, the newspaper said. A judge in Jefferson County sentenced him last May to three years of probation.  Despite having violated his probation on the Arvada cases, he was not jailed following his guilty plea in the case involving the Lakewood woman, the Post reported. Pam Russell, a spokeswoman for the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, said Cleary’s mental health played a part in his sentencing in that case, as well as in his 2016 stalking conviction, which was handled in Adult Mental Health Court.  “The courts decided to let his mental health issues be a big component of his treatment,” Russell told the Post.  Cleary’s defense attorney in the most recent case, Dustin Parmley, said this week that his client’s violent words are related to his mental illness, which he was reportedly diagnosed with at age 10. Cleary told investigators he takes medication for an impulse control disorder.  Parmley said Cleary’s words have never turned to action. Investigators found no evidence that Cleary had weapons or attempted to obtain any, the Post said.  The newspaper reported that four of the criminal investigations into Cleary ended without charges filed against him.  Cleary will serve his time in Utah before being transferred to Colorado to face probation violation charges there, the News reported. An official with the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole told the paper his earliest hearing could take place as soon as September. The News said the board could potentially set a release date at that time, or members could decide to keep him in prison. Cleary could serve the entire five years of his sentence before being returned to Colorado. 

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